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The Insider (3): On The Madinan Affairs - Attacking The Prophet (S.A.W)’s Mosque

The Friday Sermon (2)
Salim I. Hassan
July, 2016
In the name of Allah the Merciful, The Compassionate: Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Noble Messenger (Muhammad S.A.W):
This is indeed an attack on Islam. By this evil attack, they have undoubtedly declared war on Allah, and He will deal with them accordingly. Their evil creed has nothing to do with humanity, let alone Islam.  If the prophet (s.a.w) was still alive he would have them all executed.
With deep sadness, agony and sorrow came to every believer, the story of the wicked terrorist group targeting the Prophet’s (s.a.w) mosque. To emphasize it, the Prophet’s (s.a.w.) mosque was one of three locations in Saudi Arabia targeted by terrorists on the same day. Still there has been no official revelation of the identity of the terrorist group perpetrated the attack by Saudis government. Only that we were told that one of the suicide bombers was of Pakistani origin residing in Saudia. But in today’s update, the Saudi Interior Ministry announces the arrest of 19 suspects whom they included 7 Saudis and 12 Pakistanis. Whether or not the attacks were coordinated, it is safe to say that all three attacks bear Daesh-like fingerprints, both in terms of execution and motives. As painful as it might be to admit that the suicide bomber targeting the Prophet’s (s.a.w) mosque was of Saudi nationals identified as Musallam Hammad Al-nujaidi, a 26-year-old. Whether these bombers had been radicalized by Al-qaeda or ISIS it makes no difference as they are all source of terrorism.

You can recall that this ISIS group were created officially (watch out for next month Salimanology’s report for details) for a different purpose, but the end result is highly disappointing as they turned against all the civilized humanity (including their masters). They hijacked the highest cause of Islamic political identity (Caliphate) claiming to be its champions, when their evil creed has nothing to do with humanity, let alone Islam.
Daesh (ISIS) group have already declared war on all Muslims regardless of their ideological differences. And only a few weeks ago, a Daesh leader called upon his horrid clan worldwide to launch attacks against their foes throughout Ramadan, having declared the kingdom as their main foe. It should not be surprising that various attacks have been carried out within the last week of Ramadan in various Muslim nations (Baghdad Attack and Dhakka is a testimony).

The exact positions of the attacks were not clearly understood by many. I reproduced here the report on the attack as published in Saudi gazette Newspaper for more clarification as some media have somehow distorted the reality.
The first attack, which occurred near the American Consulate in the coastal city of Jeddah. The second attack targeted two Shiite mosques in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Yet, the most significant of all three attacks was definitely the attempt on the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. There are no words that could describe the horrific impact of this attack — had it been successful — both in terms of symbolic significance and the potential number of casualties.
Before I can de-scribe my pen, I will like to emphasize that the evil attack on the prophet mosque deserve wider verbal and practical response more than we offer to it as Muslims. Think of our all-out reactions towards Rushdie affairs in the past and recently the Danish cartoonist saga. Why do protests only occur only when ‘the West’ is perceived to have humiliated Islam? Isn’t an attack on a holy mosque, which contains the prophet’s resting place, a far bigger insult to Islam? Or does an insult become acceptable if the perpetrator was “one of us (which I cannot subscribe)?”. In fact we should publicise our wrath more than we offer. ISIS are not Muslims at all. It will not be possible, and it will never be, after all, to believe that someone would attack the prophet mosque in the name of this same prophet! Oh Allah forgive us for weaknesses; We are at your service of Prophet (s.a.w.
If these attacks have been all successful, it will amount to some political distrust between the Kingdom and the US, as well as Iran respectively, as opined by Al-Arabiya’s chief editor, Al-abbas. The foiled attack on the American consulate may have not only been meant as a jab at the West; but had it not been prevented it would have definitely ‘poisoned the water’ between Saudi Arabia and the United States.
The Shiite sect are a minority in the Kingdom and have previously had their own issues with the government. However, they (Shiites) are also a declared enemy of Daesh. As such, had this attack been successful it would have also managed to achieve two things: kill Shiites while also creating tension between this minority and the government by making it seem as if they weren’t properly protected by the Kingdom’s security forces, as Iran always accusing the Kingdom of being selfish in protecting the right of the minority who are predominantly Shiite.
Finally, indeed, this is on Islam itself. As such, it must serve as an eye-opener to any remaining Daesh/ISIS sympathizers among us who may still believe that their evil creed has anything to do with humanity, let alone Islam. And to those who are not Daesh sympathizers, but fail to express their feelings, now it is the time to speak up. Most importantly if this evil attack doesn’t provoke unprecedented worldwide protests, then we deserve to be called nothing less than lop-sided Muslims. Our worldwide marching protest will send an Ultimatum message to those evil groups.
                                                                                     Written from
                                                                        Muslim Unity Foundation (MUF)
                                                                  Office of the Islamic Press & News Agency
                                                                            Kano, Nigeria.


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