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The Insider (4): “On The Film Village Affairs”

The Friday Sermon (4):
Salim I. Hassan
July, 2016
What I observed in the prolong debate on Film Village ban in Kano is lack of any supporting Islamic source of evidence from both sides of Facebook sheikhs (i.e the opponents and proponents). If people were unable to produce Islamic or jurisdictional source of evidence to substantiate their wishful thought on matters related to Islamic rulings is better to shut up their mouth.  The worst part of the argument is the mocking of scholars by some proponents of film village as I read from Aisar Fagge’s post. I have tried to reply to some post with direct quotations from Saudis scholars that make all sort of image-making and film making Haram, though that does not represent my stance.  If you are true a ‘Izalite’ or Salafist your right position is to oppose and fight against film village, for that is final position of salafiyya scholars that all sort of image making, film making and music are all absolute Haram, only that if you are an impostor  of izala you will  believe otherwise.  Two parties with different opposing hypothesis (theory) have emerged so far in this outgoing argument:
A)     Hyper-sensualists: The simplistic hypothesis of this group is that: "if there is 99.9% of evils in the society it is better to initiate new one to complete it 100% evil. What an IGNORANCE! Most of the proponents of this theory have smattering knowledge  of Islamic law.
B)      Hyper-Moralists: T he simplistic hypothesis of this group is that: "If there is 99.9% evil in the society is better to prevent new one that will complete it 100% than to eradicate the existing 99.9% evil. What an ERUDITION! Most of the proponents of this theory have an average and moderate knowledge of Islamic law.
Now it is over, or almost! After the 'Hues and Cries' of the writers' pen between the OPPONENTS AND the PROPONENTS OF "Film Village Affair" who will now decide which group pleases Allah (s.w.t) and His Rasul (s.a.w) between the two diametrically opposing parties? The criteria of this decision are two: 1. The Qur'an verse of sura al-maida "Wa ta'awanu Alal Birri Wattaqwa Wala Ta'awanu Alal Ismi wal Udwan". 2. The Hadith of the Rasul (s.a.w) "Man Ra'a minkum Munkaran Fal Yughayyirhu Bi yadihi......". Who are the Hizbullah between the two opposing parties? And who are the Hizbusshaitan? 'Alaa Inna Hizballahi Humul Ghalibun'. This is a self-assessment Test for all who participate in the Film Village Affairs. No your party and belong to it.........
Both parties in the discussion should clearly know these points


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