Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)
Education Department, BUK.  
This article was  reproduced in Dailytrust (11 November, 2009) p.13. with a title: “What Manner of Sex Education”.

Let us stand up against this evil curriculum of sex education which I may call it ‘Blue Education’. Yes of course! It is a Blue education and I will later show you some powerful evidence that may well shock you. Even though our government is not a religious one, the Nigerian citizens are deeply religious people as such that both Muslims and their Christian brothers are repelling this evil imposed system of Sex Education. Therefore, being the government is serving the interest of its citizens, and then it is the interest of Nigerian people not to ever accept this ‘Blue Education’ in Nigerian School curriculum. Hence, the government must protect this interest of the majority Nigerians. But ironically, our government has accepted this evil educational policy. Then how far is true that democracy serve the interest of the majority citizens in the states? In any way they are telling lie because we have severally proclaimed that we don’t want sex education but they (government) accepted it and imposed it regardless of our need. What a nasty kind of education! What an evil imposed American policy! What a mad, uncultured and uncivilized government accepting this kind of ‘blue education’! Let us stand up against this evil policy of education in our nation. Let me remind us one very important point. In its attempt to destroy the moralities of religious world societies (especially Muslims), American government, on behest of its Jewish masters, has being producing the largest collection of the nastiest ‘Blue Films’ to provoke and corrupt the moralities of the religious societies towards illicit sex as it is prevalent in Western societies. The targeted religious societies are lucky as God continue to protect them from being affected by such nasty films due to their deeply religious moral injunctions. Thus, they were all saved from American conspiracy. Such morally religious resistance offends American conspiracy leaders who are aiming to destroy Muslim religious moralities; hence the need for an alternative in their evil approach. This time around, they came through education; that they literally imported ‘Blue Film’ contents into education curriculum, albeit in form of theory. To say it clearly, I mean that sexuality education is a theoretically translated ‘Blue Film’ contents incorporated into educational sector. Although the government pundits insist saying that the purpose of sexuality education is to improve sexual health through informing the students about STDs/HIVs transmission; this is only an appeasement and blandishment.

I will now show you some powerful proofs that are self-evident and right-based; that the sex education curriculums are literally and theoretically the translated contents of ‘Blue Film’.  The tacit objectives of the contents as provided in the National Sexuality Education Curriculum are: the male students will study the name and location of the most sensitive sexual parts in woman’s body and vice versa; children will exposed to learn the act of masturbation; and both male and female students will learn how to tease the sexual arousal of the opposite sex partners (male and female). The nastiest contents as provided in page 54 states that junior secondary school boys and girls will be asked as a kind of occasional school debate to “brainstorm the popular view that boys with large penis are better lovers”. Foolish and highly animalistic! We have been already well informed from different sources that such were all parts of motion pictures ‘Blue Film’ contents. But the government pundits insist alleging that the purpose of sex education is to eradicate STDs and HIVs, and improve peoples’ sexual health. Enough is enough; we don’t need to have any new kind of sex education. The knowledge that our students are obtaining in ‘Reproductive System’ as in Biology is evidence-informed and rights-based as far as sex affairs is concerned. When one American crazy, Mark Richmond, a UNESCO’s global coordinator for HIV and AIDS, said: “In the absence of a vaccine for AIDS, education is the only vaccine we have,” I said in retort to his allegation that in the absence of a vaccine for AIDS, religious injunctions and laws governing social moralities are the only weapon we have. In short, in the absence of a vaccine for AIDS, ISLAM is the only weapon we have. In fact, in order to eradicate AIDS, illegal pregnancies and abortion all acts of illicit sex must be suppressed and laws must be enforced to deal with the culprits. As documented in American New York Times (dated Sept. 3, 2009), some of the UNESCO’s sex education contents guidelines “suggest, for example, that teachers begin discussing masturbation with children ages 5 to 8, with a more extensive discussion for those ages 9 to 12.

In opposition to such ‘blue educational contents Michelle Turner, founder of the Maryland-based Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum in America says: “I’m really concerned about what they want to teach 5- to 8-year-olds, and I have concerns about their position on abortion and the way they want to present it to youth,” she said. “Where are parents’ rights? It’s not up to the government to teach these things.” Colin Mason of the Population Research Institute, he said that “If you ever have a situation where kids need to be taught earlier than their adolescence, this is not the way to do it……It’s very graphic and encourages practices like masturbation, which conservative Christians and others feel are wrong.” These are opposition words from American non-muslim people. I wonder how those illogical Muslims try to desperately justify sex education for Muslim schools in its American contents! With these nasty contents, the world societies continue to repulse, with strong opposition, the imposed American policy of sexuality education. Strong opposition to sexuality education has been largely recorded in America itself. As Muslim believers who were commissioned by God to raise the moralities of humanity let us stand up against this evil system in our nation, Nigeria.

Finally, and important measures and logical steps to adopt in order to fight against proliferation of STDs/HIVs, illegal pregnancies, illicit sex and unsafe abortion are among others: (a)  If it is for the purpose of eradicating STDs/HIVs and unsafe abortion then, it is necessary to start from fighting against illicit sex like adultery, sodomy and lesbianism. But, the irony is that these unreligious people are now making laws that allow people to practice all the aforementioned types of illicit sex. What an irrational thought; (b) In order to fight the problems of STDs it is recommendable to enforce laws against illicit sex; hence the return to Islam has become necessary; (c) If it is said that people need to be informed and educated about their sexual parts and other sex activities then it is recommendable for each and every ready-made partners for marriage to consult medical doctors and experts to obtain necessary knowledge to guide their marital sexual affairs at least, 2 or 3 months before their marriage; (d) And finally, all those who are not ready-made for marriage (especially students and small children) they should be informed about  the necessary religious precautions to abstain from approaching illicit and pre-marital sex activities; and such curriculum should be enforced into school religious subjects and can only be taught to students by religious scholars.  I am writing this piece of writing only for rightful people to benefit and protect their religion and moralities. I know the enemies, and those brothers infected by American-western virus will become distressed in their mind for pointing out this powerful truth. They are not against STDs; they are against our noblest religious moralities.   You should stand up with me against this evil system once again!
                                                                                     Submitted by Salimullah

The Insider(19):CUT OFF your leisure time and Invest in God- Remembrance

Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)

It is extremely disappointing the way some people invest their time totally in all kinds of funs, hobbies and entertainment.  In Islam Hobbies and leisure must not be observed excessively. Even if it is permissible it should occupy anything below 2% of your total free time per day. And when such hobbies go contrary to Islamic norms and values it is then totally forbidden. I was at a place yesterday adjacent to a CD MAX shop where I beheld a lot muslim youths trooping like Hitler’s armies just to buy CD Plate movies. I was astonished to see some coming out with 5, 10, and more CD plates, just to finish them in few days. I asked one of them how he spend his leisure. He told me all in either watching movies, football or wrestling matches. I just sought to kid him saying how would I waste my leisure time in doing what will not benefit me with anything. He replied: ‘Kai! Entertainment is good for your health. It is a natural medication against stress and fatigue after work. I just laughed and said: yes of course agreed. But it will be better for you to cut off your leisure time and in invest in God-remembrance, supporting my point with quoting of Surah Al-Asr “ Indeed man is in waste (of time). I further expounded that any form of entertainment (good or bad) is a waste of time. His replied was also positive and said: Eh wallahi haka ne. But I was obsessed with this habit. Kawai dai Allah ya shiryemu.  
So, obviously I liked the way he interacted with me. As a result I never wish to indict him with any grievous wrong-doing. According to Sura Al-asr, anything that is not an act of belief, worship of sort of righteous deeds is a waste of time even if it lawful. And when you are obsessed with it the end result is a loss (Khusr).   Unlike as some have a misconception that having fun or entertainment is Haraam. Fun or entertainment is part of human nature and Islam is the religion that satisfies that nature, Al-Fitrah. Sadly enough, despite the fact that many forms of entertainment are Halal, most Muslims opt to indulge in the Haraam forms of entertainment instead.
To be specific, I refer to in here our excessiveness and extravagance in watching movies, football or wrestling matches and playing other games. Many of us have been carried away by one of these obsessions, and many more not mentioned here.  When it comes to movies and football matches most of us are in the grip of infatuation that they are powerless to resist.  Watching movies, football or wrestling matches have become the hard core habit and manner of many Muslim youths (male & female). Not all movies are Haram; but their majorities are. Although, as usual as I know, some would argue and even claim that this is just entertainment and a way of passing time as pointed above by a strange friend.  But one clear-cut truth is that entertainment is not permitted in Islam if it is haraam. The contents, messages and beliefs behind many movies run contrary to Islam.  Football matches detach a large number of its audience from observing their act of worship properly.
It is not a most to watch movies to entertain one’s own self. For those who find it difficult to avoid let them watch something Islamic or something beneficial and keep away from movies which have shameless scenes and teach bad things.
I will close this chapter with quote from Al-munajjid who writes: “Watching movies includes looking at things that are haraam, such as seeing ‘awrahs, following immoral actions, or listening to things that are haraam such as music and obscene talk. Undoubtedly it is haraam to watch them in this case. 
If the movies are free of such things, then there is nothing wrong with watching them, so long as that does not distract one from remembering Allaah or keep one from doing something that is obligatory. 
No distinction is made between documentaries and other kinds of movies. 
Watching movies has a bad effect on the individual and on the ummah. These include the following: 
1-    Provocation of desires
2-    Propagation of immorality which is made attractive and easily accessible
3-    Teaching and justification of crime, and making it familiar to young and old
4-    Corruption of married life, by making the wife seem ugly to the husband and vice versa, by showing images of attractive girls and men
5-    Spreading corrupt beliefs which are based on kaafir theories, such as the theory of evolution, or attributing the powers of creation and destruction to researchers and inventors, or propagating magic, soothsaying and claims to know the unseen, or making fun of religion and religious people, and other things which appear in movies that are shown to young and old.
6-    Wasting time and draining away energy, living with illusions far removed from reality. 

May Allah guide us and protect us from this evil Fitna of modern time.
Good Night!

The Insider(18): “MAI BOKO’ AND ‘DAN BOKO’”

Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)
March 2017
An excerpt from my article: “The Jewish Conspiracy and The Muslim Youth”
Significantly enough, we, as University students have to sit and discuss these vital issues. We should know how to relate and deal with Western theories and ideas. We should know how to manage and minimize our love of European sports and games. According to what we have accounted we may realize that Western theories/ideas are negative, deceptive, valueless, and reductionist of socio-moral values and norms as confessed by their inventors (the Jews). They are only invented for a deliberate deception, deceit, and misguiding the humanity. We have to criticize, challenge, and get rid of all Western negative idea/theories in all fields of studies. But we could not get rid of them without replacement.
That is to say, we have to provide alternatives from our Islamic and Muslim scholars’ ideologies and perspectives. And this task requires us to a rigorous research studies in both Islamic and Western books and journals. But we could not accustom ourselves to complete habit of research studies unless we diminish the rate of our attendance to sports, games, and amusement which the Jews have claimed to have invented them to misguide us from our religious and socio-moral values, and to distract our mind from detecting their evil conspiracies. Now, very luckily, we have unveiled the masking conspiracy and we should attack and break it. For a Muslim youth to liberate his self, thought, and mind from mental defeatism by Western theories/ideas he should become an absolute critical observer, independent thinker, creative researcher, and too importantly, he should rear and imbibe in his mind the values and ethics of Islam in all fields of studies.
A liberal student who is independent of Western theories/ideas is whom we considered as “Mai Boko”, rather than “Dan Boko”. It is highly recommendable for you student to be “Mai Boko” and not “Dan Boko” for you have established independence. There are conspicuous disparities between “Mai Boko” and “Dan Boko”. The later appears to be intellectual puppet, dependent thinker and blind researcher while the former is liberal in his thought, independent thinker, critical observer and creative researcher in all his pursue of studies in Western education. “Mai Boko” is someone who is critical of whatever ideas/theories deemed antithetical to his Islamic values and ideologies. He usually writes and offers new perspectives and ideas alternatively to Western ones so as to create balance in relation to his Islamic values and worldviews. “Mai Boko” also, does not accept or believe anything presented to his knowledge without profound analysis; and he often mull over both its negative and positive impact. He scrutinizes and breaks into tiny parts the presented ideas/theories to him and compares them with his Islamic values and ideologies, thus accepting conformity and repudiating contradictions if they are found. Generally, “Mai Boko” is someone with absolute liberal academic integrity. No matter how deep he immerses in Western education he does not dare to be out of the clutches of his Islamic values and ideas. In fact, “Mai Boko” controls and manipulates Western theories and ideas. Thus he appears to be “Mai Boko – i.e. Owner of Boko”.
Contrariwise, as regards “Dan Boko” all the opposite case is true. “Dan Boko” is owned and controlled by ‘Boko’ itself; as such he appears a typical “Dan Boko – i.e. Son of Boko”. He is blind-minded and intellectual puppet in all his studies. He is drastically controlled by Western ideas/theories and depends on them for deriving his worldviews and orders of his way of life. As such he was infected by ‘Western Virus’. “Dan Boko” could not think on his own; he is not an independent thinker. He just thinks and behaves in the manner he was reared in Western theories/ideas. For instance, if he was taught that Capitalism or Interest is a good economy he would believe it as such all the way his life; he may even tend to argue those who are against it. And in all the matters, he does not dare to question its basis of legality from within his Islamic rulings. To a typical “Dan Boko” the words of Karl Marx, Plato, Aristotle, Adam Smith, Marx Weber, and Sigmund Freud are superior to prophet’s words if not to talk of Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, Alfarabi, and many others of Muslim thinkers and Social Scientists. By virtue of his education, “Dan Boko” is reared in a way to make him unable to think of negative side of Western theories/ideas. He could not write his ideas independently, and even if he does one is only an adoption of Western ones. Generally, “Dan Boko” was both spiritually, mentally, and intellectually colonized and conquered by Western ideas, theories, and cultures. And lastly, by virtue of his worldview of life, “Dan Boko” was a typically secular in nature.
Finally, with special polite regard to those students with absolute aim of Islamic vision, I sincerely speak and enjoin us to organize and undertake a formidable intellectual movement so as to enable us to bring forth a complete revolution in all fields of studies, from Arts through Social Science, and up to Natural science courses. This means we have to embark upon a purposeful research, reviving the diminishing Muslim scholars’ theories while generating more and more new ones from Islamic point of views.



The confused man can no longer be at ease.