The Insider(18): “MAI BOKO’ AND ‘DAN BOKO’”

Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)
March 2017
An excerpt from my article: “The Jewish Conspiracy and The Muslim Youth”
Significantly enough, we, as University students have to sit and discuss these vital issues. We should know how to relate and deal with Western theories and ideas. We should know how to manage and minimize our love of European sports and games. According to what we have accounted we may realize that Western theories/ideas are negative, deceptive, valueless, and reductionist of socio-moral values and norms as confessed by their inventors (the Jews). They are only invented for a deliberate deception, deceit, and misguiding the humanity. We have to criticize, challenge, and get rid of all Western negative idea/theories in all fields of studies. But we could not get rid of them without replacement.
That is to say, we have to provide alternatives from our Islamic and Muslim scholars’ ideologies and perspectives. And this task requires us to a rigorous research studies in both Islamic and Western books and journals. But we could not accustom ourselves to complete habit of research studies unless we diminish the rate of our attendance to sports, games, and amusement which the Jews have claimed to have invented them to misguide us from our religious and socio-moral values, and to distract our mind from detecting their evil conspiracies. Now, very luckily, we have unveiled the masking conspiracy and we should attack and break it. For a Muslim youth to liberate his self, thought, and mind from mental defeatism by Western theories/ideas he should become an absolute critical observer, independent thinker, creative researcher, and too importantly, he should rear and imbibe in his mind the values and ethics of Islam in all fields of studies.
A liberal student who is independent of Western theories/ideas is whom we considered as “Mai Boko”, rather than “Dan Boko”. It is highly recommendable for you student to be “Mai Boko” and not “Dan Boko” for you have established independence. There are conspicuous disparities between “Mai Boko” and “Dan Boko”. The later appears to be intellectual puppet, dependent thinker and blind researcher while the former is liberal in his thought, independent thinker, critical observer and creative researcher in all his pursue of studies in Western education. “Mai Boko” is someone who is critical of whatever ideas/theories deemed antithetical to his Islamic values and ideologies. He usually writes and offers new perspectives and ideas alternatively to Western ones so as to create balance in relation to his Islamic values and worldviews. “Mai Boko” also, does not accept or believe anything presented to his knowledge without profound analysis; and he often mull over both its negative and positive impact. He scrutinizes and breaks into tiny parts the presented ideas/theories to him and compares them with his Islamic values and ideologies, thus accepting conformity and repudiating contradictions if they are found. Generally, “Mai Boko” is someone with absolute liberal academic integrity. No matter how deep he immerses in Western education he does not dare to be out of the clutches of his Islamic values and ideas. In fact, “Mai Boko” controls and manipulates Western theories and ideas. Thus he appears to be “Mai Boko – i.e. Owner of Boko”.
Contrariwise, as regards “Dan Boko” all the opposite case is true. “Dan Boko” is owned and controlled by ‘Boko’ itself; as such he appears a typical “Dan Boko – i.e. Son of Boko”. He is blind-minded and intellectual puppet in all his studies. He is drastically controlled by Western ideas/theories and depends on them for deriving his worldviews and orders of his way of life. As such he was infected by ‘Western Virus’. “Dan Boko” could not think on his own; he is not an independent thinker. He just thinks and behaves in the manner he was reared in Western theories/ideas. For instance, if he was taught that Capitalism or Interest is a good economy he would believe it as such all the way his life; he may even tend to argue those who are against it. And in all the matters, he does not dare to question its basis of legality from within his Islamic rulings. To a typical “Dan Boko” the words of Karl Marx, Plato, Aristotle, Adam Smith, Marx Weber, and Sigmund Freud are superior to prophet’s words if not to talk of Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, Alfarabi, and many others of Muslim thinkers and Social Scientists. By virtue of his education, “Dan Boko” is reared in a way to make him unable to think of negative side of Western theories/ideas. He could not write his ideas independently, and even if he does one is only an adoption of Western ones. Generally, “Dan Boko” was both spiritually, mentally, and intellectually colonized and conquered by Western ideas, theories, and cultures. And lastly, by virtue of his worldview of life, “Dan Boko” was a typically secular in nature.
Finally, with special polite regard to those students with absolute aim of Islamic vision, I sincerely speak and enjoin us to organize and undertake a formidable intellectual movement so as to enable us to bring forth a complete revolution in all fields of studies, from Arts through Social Science, and up to Natural science courses. This means we have to embark upon a purposeful research, reviving the diminishing Muslim scholars’ theories while generating more and more new ones from Islamic point of views.

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