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The Insider (7): Reality of Self-knowledge (Know My Own Self)

By Salim I. Hassan @salimullah5050 (written since 2008) The main task for the man after the knowledge of his Lord (Allah) is to know, understand and recognize himself; he has to know his real nature and the purpose of his living in this world. The final attainment, aim, and achievement in this life is the knowledge of Allah and a wise man is he who can see his Lord and remains strictly obedient to him.
I know my Lord (Allah) as I know myself; Allah is my real and absolute creator whose commands must be strictly observed: and I am the servant of Allah. This world or earth is my examination hall: the sun and moon are my invigilators: Angels are my supervisors. Lastly, Allah, the most high, is my chief examiner. This is meant that, in this world I am taking an examination and my result will be presented in the Day of Judgment.
Whatever I do, doing, or did is for myself; if I am right, to praise or criticize me does not matter, because praise and criticism are always positive to me. And whenev…

The Insider (6): “Who Will Stand For The Kashmiris”

Salim I. Hassan
August, 2016
In the name of Allah the Merciful, The Compassionate: Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Noble Messenger (Muhammad S.A.W):
India is not as less brutal as Israel. Both India and Israel engaged in perpetual terrorism against a community of two nations. Kashmir has been in the same condition with Palestine. Israel are the occupying forces in the West bank of Palestine just as India are the occupying forces in Kashmir. Both of them employ the same pattern of terrorism against the people of these two communities, majority of whom pure Muslims.
Kashmir has been a disputed territory bordering both India and Pakistan, whom they always claim control of parallel part of it.It is an area which is very beautiful, rich in natural resources and hydro power.It can be a security wall for India. It can be feeder for whole Pakistan. And it can be a direct bridge for China to connect with mi…


POLITICIZATION OF TERRORISM (1) (Salimanologys Intelligence Report – June, 2016) By: Salim I. Hassan    written from Muslim Unity Foundation - MUF Only Love can defeat Terrorism, asserts Harun Yahya. He further noted that “With terrorism dominating the world's agenda, the definitions of terror, terrorist, and terrorism assume a whole new importance. Many countries define terrorism, draw up terrorist profiles, and publish lists of terrorist organizations in the light of their own national interests. "Terrorist organizations" to some countries are freedom fighters to others. What one country sees as "terrorist nations," another welcomes as "loyal allies." So, don’t be disturbed if you hear or read that ISIS et’al are welcomed, supported and even financed to fight in some selective locations – Syria in focus. This is a very reason why we believe that Terrorism is being politicized. Every form of terrorism must be unequivocally condemned—whatever its causes …