The Insider (2): “On First Philosophy Of Islam”

The Friday Sermon (1)
Salim I. Hassan
July, 2016
In the name of Allah the Merciful, The Compassionate: Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Noble Messenger (Muhammad S.A.W):

May Allah’s mercy surrounds you; may His power protects you oh Son of Adam, for now and forever. We should know that the best human art which is highest in degree and noblest in rank is the art of philosophy which according to Al-Kindi, is the knowledge of the true nature of things, in so far as is possible for man. The aim of the philosopher is, as regards his knowledge is to attain the truth, and as regards his action is to act truthfully.

Based on the above, a believer has to attain the truth in whatever he is doing. Towards that end, Islam is built upon certain pillars which if properly followed and observed, a believer can attain the truth he is seeking. Allah, the Most High, is our final truth and we are all working towards achieving His absolute pleasure. In the course of our actions, we are observing and protecting our pillars of Islam without necessarily absorbing or inculcating (in us) the absolute aim attached to them. And I feel it necessary to explore this point for further clarification.

Know Your Self As Muslim
The foremost important of Muslim identity is his faith. And this faith implies one’s belief in Allah without associating anything else being unto him, the general concept we know as ‘TAUHEED.’  (Ikhlas Q112, v1-4), (Isra’I Q17, v111).

Tauheed is the faith in oneness of Allah, to which Kalimat AS-shahada affirms and testifies. In this meaning, Shahada is the purest expression of the essentiality of of Muslim identity. And this expression is naturally there in Islamic rituals such as prayer, zakat, Fasting e.t.c.

Adjacent to faith and tauheed is Spirituality, the noblest position in belief and yet the most difficult to attain by individuals. In fact, spirituality is the immediate consequence of Faith and Tauheed. Spirituality is to keep your faith alive at all the time by remembering Allah in your words, actions, habits, appearance and in all kind of mu’amalat. Sprituality is the position that all the true believers must aspire to attain. Therefore, one’s Islam starts with level one which is ‘Shahadah, and the nobles and the highest level you should aspire to attain is the level of Spirituality. It is position that Prophet (S.A.W) termed as ‘Ihsan’ and described as “To  worship God as if you could see Him, for even if you cannot see Him, He sees you,”  (as known from Hadith no2 of Annawawi’s Arba’un). Spirituality can be best explained below:
Excellence, defined as the ideal behavior of the Muslim, would be to attain a state where there was no forgetfulness. Excellence (al-ihsan), the Prophet said, is “to worship God as if you could see Him, for even if you cannot see Him, He sees you,” that is, to try to be with God in every situation.In the many debates involving sociologists and political scientists, this dimension is often forgotten, as if faith and spirituality cannot be considered as scientific data with an objective “identity.” But the word islam itself means “submission” to God, expressing, strictly speaking, an act of worship, with its spiritual horizon. Consequently, recognition of the Muslim identity entails recognition of this first and fundamental dimension of faith, and, by extension, allowing Muslims to carry out all the religious practices that give shape to their spiritual life. Faith and spirituality underpin these practices, which express the presence of an essential conviction that gives meaning to life: to cut Muslims off from them is to cut them off from their very being. Muslim identity, at its central pivot, is therefore a faith, a practice, and a spirituality. It is essentially the dimension of intimacy and the heart”.

                                                                        Watch Out for the next Week Sermon

The Insider (1): Facebookers Manual On Effective Communication And Active Listening - Part 1

By Salimullah I. Hassan

written from African Management Initiative (AMI)
23rd July, 2016
Throughout our lives we learn how not to listen to others point of view, because we want to get our own way and win arguments, we want to save time, we are too lazy to listen and the discovery early in our lives that if we want win or get something, we need to shout louder than the other person.

Although I have previously promised to post on this topic I am just compelled to work on it now for what I behold as ‘Erratic and Eccentric’ behavior among facebookers to which I am already a victim. There is too often a conflict, harsh quarrel, abusive counterargument, and even typical abuse exchange between a facebook poster and reader. What happened in the last two days is a typical example, which means anyone can be a victim. We can possibly do without such erratic behaviours shall we be guided by the principles of good communication and active listening skills. What are these principles? As AMI manager I will share it now with those who want to learn and uphold to it.

In line with the above assertion, I will briefly shade more light on facebookers communication behavior. For the puoporse of this message I categorize facebookers into 2 main groups: Aggressive and Assertive Communicators.

Aggressive Communicators:- Aggressiveness represents dominant and hostile behavior of the majority facebookers. Aggressive Communicators shout their view louder and do not want to listen to others’ view and must win argument by all means, they think. Aggression assumes the other person has to submit and accepts no disagreement. Aggressive behaviour tends to lead to the other person either submitting passively, or fighting back with more aggression. If you call me a Shi’i or label me ‘animal’ for raising a point which you can’t stand its test, you are too aggressive to me. I may passively submit to your opinion for the fear that you start equating me with Shias. If I am not assertive and I don’t like to passively submit to you I may fight back with more aggression, thus damaging our mutual respect as facebooking friends. Only that if I am Assertive (which indeed I am) I will know how to handle you no matter how too abusive you appear to criticize me. Other example of aggressiveness include using words like: Abusives, kai jahili (oh you ingnorant) back to school, you become a shia, kafiri e.t.c. whatever name you want ascribe to a person you should know how to do it politely.

Some are using such expression to forcefully make you recant your opinion; thus making you submissive. Being submissive means allowing the need to be liked (or at least not be attacked), prevent you from expressing what you really want to say, and give in too easily to the aggressive behavior. A submissive person is wary of upsetting the other person or not hurting their feelings. Put in your mind that nobody can scare you away from expressing your view on topical issues just because they may call you with bad names, or at least they ascribe a bad religious ideology to you.   As from now try not to be Aggressive communicator in facebook and beyond.

Assertive Communicators – they believe in the power of Assertiveness – which refers to being self-assured and confident without being aggressive. Being assertive is the main source of influencing others view without being aggressive. I can cite example of some friends who thrive well in this quadrant among facebookers. As a Facebooker where you really want to be is in the Assertive quadrant. Being assertive means you are confident about your opinion and are willing to be disagreed with by others without being disrespectful. Being assertive will not only help you to put your point across but also earn respect from others. Being assertive means you respect both your own point of view and that of the other person, and you calmly and confidently insist on both hearing the other person and expressing yourself. My best colleague at school and one of the best inspirational masters in facebook is a typical example of an Assertive communicator, thought he needs to take some corrective measures to improve in this quadrant. This is more of our personal relation with him and we will discuss it as usual.
Share it as much as possible to improve our friendly facebook interaction and maintain our social media in piece, harmony and mutual respect. 

Till we meet in the Part 2 of this manual – To be continued Next week Insha Allah.


Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)

Democracy is a peaceful way of tyranny and subjugation of human rights; it is a reductionist of justice, fallacious idea of rule of law and equality before the law. Yet, in Nigerian democracy the powerful subjugates and dominates the right of the weak; the rich still exploits the poor; those in power tyrannize and victimize their citizens; those who wield power replace the elected leaders with whom they so wish by betraying and rigging the election. Is Democracy a universal concept of good governance or U.S hegemony? Democracy is a fallacy, deceit and fraudulence. Obviously speaking, democracy denotes the supremacy of U.S will and interest as it is imposed them upon other world nations especially the Muslim ones. International perspective of democracy entails that the world nations should be under the hegemony of U.S villain power. It further means the predominance of U.S will and policy over the world. Even though the West still desperately claims that democracy is good for all because it advocate justice, rule of law, good governance, human right, liberty and freedom, capitalism and secularism. All these aspect are good in democracy with the exception of capitalism and secularism. The both of them are antithetical to socio-moral values and standards of humanity. With this exception, all what they have claimed to have been guaranteed for man under democracy is not something new to our way of life (Islam/Shari’ah). All good aspects of democracy that commands universal consent and regard is part of the principal messages of Islam; they are part of essential aspect of life that are fundamentally emphasized and enforced in Islam in favour of establishing the standard values of humankind and for the development of their material, spiritual, and moral well-being. Hence, it is irrational for the West to introduce democracy to the Muslim world; and at the same time it is disgrace for the Muslim world to be earnestly begging the West to borrow their system of government when we have our own system (i.e. Shari’ah Ruling System which is recently formulated anagrammatically into new English word as ‘ISLAMOCRACY’ to take the place of Democracy in Muslim world) which is much more comprehensive and more perfect than the Western Democracy. Though democracy has done more good than bad in some developed countries it has lost its recommendable spirit from the onset of its basis i.e. it usurps God’s sovereignty and transfers it to man. That is to say, in democracy the will and laws of man is supreme over the God’s divine laws. Let me remind you that you should never accepts any word begins with a prefix “Demo”, for any word begins with “Demo” entails disgrace, lowness, misfortune, unluckiness, disaster, and all sort state of undesirable condition and situation. Think of the words like demotion, demoniac, demobilization, démodé, and many more others all of which denote undesirable and disgusting things and conditions/states. Likewise, democracy should not be exempted from such category of evil words. As thus, one needs not to repent when he declares that democracy is evil and bad as far as Muslims are concerned. Let us only practice our Shari’ah Ruling System which has come with all kind of good governance, rule of law, justice, and rights of the people

These evil people (Jews – the super-terrorists) have created their political tools to mislead, destabilize and control the world and humanity, and these tools are: Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Liberty Capitalism and Interest (Riba) and many more others. Directly or indirectly, they constitutionalized bad and heretical laws in their poisonous constitution which is highly barbaric, uncultured, uncivilized and therefore utterly unislamocratic (i.e. it does not based on Islamic political system of Shari’ah).  In Democracy, people are still being duped that through representatives their rights and interests are ensured and protected. But the reality of the matter is that the constituent representatives whom the citizens vote for to represent them and to serve the public interest and will as soon as they enter into the Assembly House they selfishly change their intention by serving their personal interest and material ambition at the expense of the citizens’ right. However Democracy still claims power in the hands of ordinary citizens. This is an absurd, a fraudulent and a pretentious idea. In reality, the Democrats are manipulating the will and the opinion of the people just to ensure their personal vested-interest of gathering wealth illegitimately from the public funds.

I want to draw your attention as much as possible to the tyrannical nature of Nigerian Democracy which has been a major concern of worry in my mind. Democracy supposes it is good, in Nigerian it is bad and the situation is irony. One of the main features of Nigerian democracy is tyranny, subjugation of citizens’ right, and dictatorship.  Democracy is no longer a reality in Nigerian but an illusion. It is completely dissolved in tyranny. The rulers are tyrants, dictators, wicked and oppressors. The tyrannical nature of Nigerian leadership has generated much more problems in the nation which complicated its problems, predicaments, and political malaises. Political crimes like bribery, corruption, loot of public/government funds, misuse of power to mention but a few, have their ground from the effect of Nigerian leader’s tyranny and dictatorship. While the social crimes like robbery, thievery, and e.t.c. is as a result of such tyranny and injustice of the leaders. Hence, we can say that it is from those leaders that all crimes and terrors exude. All acts of Nigerian leaders – the good, the bad, and the evil – are unquestionable by the citizens and are beyond reproachability; and yet Democracy continues to dupe us that power of the government lies in the consent of the governed. Through political immunity which the constitution granted them they can do whatsoever they wish from misuse of power, looting government funds, tyrannizing the citizens and violating the rule of law itself. The constituent representatives too, at both state and national level of assembly are not really representing the needs of the citizens; once they enter into assembly house they selfishly turn to represent their wishful personal desires of material gains and lusts of wealth.
          Each and everyone believe in no good governance in Nigeria. Our corrupt rulers are not held accountable for their evil acts and crimes. Public funds are being looted and the perpetrators were never committed into probe and trial before the law. Worst of all is the fact that those corrupt leaders are completely immunized from public accuses and blames. This grants them an ample chance and opportunity to maltreat their people, to misuse the national funds, to tyrannize the citizens and to do whatsoever they so wish and desire. The popular notional aspect of Democracy is good governance, rule of law, social justice, protection of citizens’ right and interest, social well fare provision. And the very precious gift of Democracy is that it grants the ordinary citizens independent right to elect freely their leaders as well as to depose him from power if found guilty of corruption or misuse of power. But yet, despite of the tyrannical behaviour of our leaders we have never even revolt against one of them if not of deposing him from power. Hence such right for the citizens has been a fallacy and an illusion in Nigerian Democracy.
          Now it is almost 10yrs of democracy in Nigeria but no one can prove a single aspect of achievement or even an improvement. All the identified problems affecting Nigeria among others, corruption, injustice, economic instability, educational downfall, instability of power and water supply, problem of health matters none of them is resolved even partially per se. One may ask that is governance/leadership in Nigerian a democratic or tyrannical? If it is democratic then democracy must have been bad and evil; and if it is tyrannical then the deposal of military regime from leadership does not make sense. The ultimate conclusion is that whether democracy is bad or Nigerian leaders are all evils, tyrannical and dictators. And in either case we are left with a highly questionable situation. So then what is our problem? I think is that we absolutely lack is the rule of law as such each and every evil and corrupt leader’s act is unquestionable and above the law. our negligence of rule of law gives the Nigerian leaders to act and behave whether good or bad as they so wish since they are beyond questioning and reproachability. 
          So then, is there any possible solution? To me I can say that People should wake up from their deep slumber and repel this tyranny and depose the dictators from power. These tyrannical leaders would never let free and fair election to take place, for they know that would be the end of their tyranny and corruption. So, then what is the significance of election system that is conducted quadratically (i.e. after each 4yrs) in Nigeria when it does not represent the true votes of the citizens. This is a critical and imperative question to be asked. Since this election is full of rigging and corruption thence, it should be suspended. In fact, we the masses I pity us compassionately because the challenges ahead of us are very tremendous and difficult to tackle, however it is necessary to take a bull by the horn. These bad leaders who are currently on power are the exact dictators and corruptors who deprive us of our right, freedom, and deny us justice and good governance. They are the wolves whom we search for. As they are simultaneously wielding power they will never let any recognized just and rectitude giant leader to assume power for they are aware that once it happens they will perish. They will continue to wield this power illegitimately; and they will continue preserving and distributing it exclusively among their families and friends until you the majority oppressed people strive energetically to depose them from power with violence or otherwise. Hence, it is inevitable for you masses to undertake a formidable intellectual and political revolution. We do not call to the assassination of leaders but at least you should ban them your votes. You should refrain from election when it comes for the next time. As such, on the very day of election, instead of attending the election centre, you should march on streets for protests and riots, and expose your majority to the world while explaining to them that you shall no longer pursue any election until the Nigerian bad democracy and its wicked and tyrant leaders are supervised and checked out by international powers. This is what we suggest to our beloved brothers to adopt in order to solve their political problem of corruption, bribery, tyranny, and exploitation of their leaders. 

The Insider (4): “On The Film Village Affairs”

The Friday Sermon (4):
Salim I. Hassan
July, 2016
What I observed in the prolong debate on Film Village ban in Kano is lack of any supporting Islamic source of evidence from both sides of Facebook sheikhs (i.e the opponents and proponents). If people were unable to produce Islamic or jurisdictional source of evidence to substantiate their wishful thought on matters related to Islamic rulings is better to shut up their mouth.  The worst part of the argument is the mocking of scholars by some proponents of film village as I read from Aisar Fagge’s post. I have tried to reply to some post with direct quotations from Saudis scholars that make all sort of image-making and film making Haram, though that does not represent my stance.  If you are true a ‘Izalite’ or Salafist your right position is to oppose and fight against film village, for that is final position of salafiyya scholars that all sort of image making, film making and music are all absolute Haram, only that if you are an impostor  of izala you will  believe otherwise.  Two parties with different opposing hypothesis (theory) have emerged so far in this outgoing argument:
A)     Hyper-sensualists: The simplistic hypothesis of this group is that: "if there is 99.9% of evils in the society it is better to initiate new one to complete it 100% evil. What an IGNORANCE! Most of the proponents of this theory have smattering knowledge  of Islamic law.
B)      Hyper-Moralists: T he simplistic hypothesis of this group is that: "If there is 99.9% evil in the society is better to prevent new one that will complete it 100% than to eradicate the existing 99.9% evil. What an ERUDITION! Most of the proponents of this theory have an average and moderate knowledge of Islamic law.
Now it is over, or almost! After the 'Hues and Cries' of the writers' pen between the OPPONENTS AND the PROPONENTS OF "Film Village Affair" who will now decide which group pleases Allah (s.w.t) and His Rasul (s.a.w) between the two diametrically opposing parties? The criteria of this decision are two: 1. The Qur'an verse of sura al-maida "Wa ta'awanu Alal Birri Wattaqwa Wala Ta'awanu Alal Ismi wal Udwan". 2. The Hadith of the Rasul (s.a.w) "Man Ra'a minkum Munkaran Fal Yughayyirhu Bi yadihi......". Who are the Hizbullah between the two opposing parties? And who are the Hizbusshaitan? 'Alaa Inna Hizballahi Humul Ghalibun'. This is a self-assessment Test for all who participate in the Film Village Affairs. No your party and belong to it.........
Both parties in the discussion should clearly know these points

The Insider (3): On The Madinan Affairs - Attacking The Prophet (S.A.W)’s Mosque

The Friday Sermon (2)
Salim I. Hassan
July, 2016
In the name of Allah the Merciful, The Compassionate: Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Noble Messenger (Muhammad S.A.W):
This is indeed an attack on Islam. By this evil attack, they have undoubtedly declared war on Allah, and He will deal with them accordingly. Their evil creed has nothing to do with humanity, let alone Islam.  If the prophet (s.a.w) was still alive he would have them all executed.
With deep sadness, agony and sorrow came to every believer, the story of the wicked terrorist group targeting the Prophet’s (s.a.w) mosque. To emphasize it, the Prophet’s (s.a.w.) mosque was one of three locations in Saudi Arabia targeted by terrorists on the same day. Still there has been no official revelation of the identity of the terrorist group perpetrated the attack by Saudis government. Only that we were told that one of the suicide bombers was of Pakistani origin residing in Saudia. But in today’s update, the Saudi Interior Ministry announces the arrest of 19 suspects whom they included 7 Saudis and 12 Pakistanis. Whether or not the attacks were coordinated, it is safe to say that all three attacks bear Daesh-like fingerprints, both in terms of execution and motives. As painful as it might be to admit that the suicide bomber targeting the Prophet’s (s.a.w) mosque was of Saudi nationals identified as Musallam Hammad Al-nujaidi, a 26-year-old. Whether these bombers had been radicalized by Al-qaeda or ISIS it makes no difference as they are all source of terrorism.

You can recall that this ISIS group were created officially (watch out for next month Salimanology’s report for details) for a different purpose, but the end result is highly disappointing as they turned against all the civilized humanity (including their masters). They hijacked the highest cause of Islamic political identity (Caliphate) claiming to be its champions, when their evil creed has nothing to do with humanity, let alone Islam.
Daesh (ISIS) group have already declared war on all Muslims regardless of their ideological differences. And only a few weeks ago, a Daesh leader called upon his horrid clan worldwide to launch attacks against their foes throughout Ramadan, having declared the kingdom as their main foe. It should not be surprising that various attacks have been carried out within the last week of Ramadan in various Muslim nations (Baghdad Attack and Dhakka is a testimony).

The exact positions of the attacks were not clearly understood by many. I reproduced here the report on the attack as published in Saudi gazette Newspaper for more clarification as some media have somehow distorted the reality.
The first attack, which occurred near the American Consulate in the coastal city of Jeddah. The second attack targeted two Shiite mosques in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Yet, the most significant of all three attacks was definitely the attempt on the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. There are no words that could describe the horrific impact of this attack — had it been successful — both in terms of symbolic significance and the potential number of casualties.
Before I can de-scribe my pen, I will like to emphasize that the evil attack on the prophet mosque deserve wider verbal and practical response more than we offer to it as Muslims. Think of our all-out reactions towards Rushdie affairs in the past and recently the Danish cartoonist saga. Why do protests only occur only when ‘the West’ is perceived to have humiliated Islam? Isn’t an attack on a holy mosque, which contains the prophet’s resting place, a far bigger insult to Islam? Or does an insult become acceptable if the perpetrator was “one of us (which I cannot subscribe)?”. In fact we should publicise our wrath more than we offer. ISIS are not Muslims at all. It will not be possible, and it will never be, after all, to believe that someone would attack the prophet mosque in the name of this same prophet! Oh Allah forgive us for weaknesses; We are at your service of Prophet (s.a.w.
If these attacks have been all successful, it will amount to some political distrust between the Kingdom and the US, as well as Iran respectively, as opined by Al-Arabiya’s chief editor, Al-abbas. The foiled attack on the American consulate may have not only been meant as a jab at the West; but had it not been prevented it would have definitely ‘poisoned the water’ between Saudi Arabia and the United States.
The Shiite sect are a minority in the Kingdom and have previously had their own issues with the government. However, they (Shiites) are also a declared enemy of Daesh. As such, had this attack been successful it would have also managed to achieve two things: kill Shiites while also creating tension between this minority and the government by making it seem as if they weren’t properly protected by the Kingdom’s security forces, as Iran always accusing the Kingdom of being selfish in protecting the right of the minority who are predominantly Shiite.
Finally, indeed, this is on Islam itself. As such, it must serve as an eye-opener to any remaining Daesh/ISIS sympathizers among us who may still believe that their evil creed has anything to do with humanity, let alone Islam. And to those who are not Daesh sympathizers, but fail to express their feelings, now it is the time to speak up. Most importantly if this evil attack doesn’t provoke unprecedented worldwide protests, then we deserve to be called nothing less than lop-sided Muslims. Our worldwide marching protest will send an Ultimatum message to those evil groups.
                                                                                     Written from
                                                                        Muslim Unity Foundation (MUF)
                                                                  Office of the Islamic Press & News Agency
                                                                            Kano, Nigeria.



The confused man can no longer be at ease.