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The Insider (2): “On First Philosophy Of Islam”

The Friday Sermon (1) By: Salim I. Hassan July, 2016 In the name of Allah the Merciful, The Compassionate: Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Noble Messenger (Muhammad S.A.W):
May Allah’s mercy surrounds you; may His power protects you oh Son of Adam, for now and forever. We should know that the best human art which is highest in degree and noblest in rank is the art of philosophy which according to Al-Kindi, is the knowledge of the true nature of things, in so far as is possible for man. The aim of the philosopher is, as regards his knowledge is to attain the truth, and as regards his action is to act truthfully.
Based on the above, a believer has to attain the truth in whatever he is doing. Towards that end, Islam is built upon certain pillars which if properly followed and observed, a believer can attain the truth he is seeking. Allah, the Most High, is our final truth and we are all working towards achieving His absolute pleasure. In the course of our actions, we are observing an…

The Insider (1): Facebookers Manual On Effective Communication And Active Listening - Part 1

By Salimullah I. Hassan
written from African Management Initiative (AMI) 23rd July, 2016 Throughout our lives we learn how not to listen to others point of view, because we want to get our own way and win arguments, we want to save time, we are too lazy to listen and the discovery early in our lives that if we want win or get something, we need to shout louder than the other person.
Although I have previously promised to post on this topic I am just compelled to work on it now for what I behold as ‘Erratic and Eccentric’ behavior among facebookers to which I am already a victim. There is too often a conflict, harsh quarrel, abusive counterargument, and even typical abuse exchange between a facebook poster and reader. What happened in the last two days is a typical example, which means anyone can be a victim. We can possibly do without such erratic behaviours shall we be guided by the principles of good communication and active listening skills. What are these prin…


The Insider (4): “On The Film Village Affairs”

The Friday Sermon (4): By: Salim I. Hassan ( July, 2016 What I observed in the prolong debate on Film Village ban in Kano is lack of any supporting Islamic source of evidence from both sides of Facebook sheikhs (i.e the opponents and proponents). If people were unable to produce Islamic or jurisdictional source of evidence to substantiate their wishful thought on matters related to Islamic rulings is better to shut up their mouth.  The worst part of the argument is the mocking of scholars by some proponents of film village as I read from Aisar Fagge’s post. I have tried to reply to some post with direct quotations from Saudis scholars that make all sort of image-making and film making Haram, though that does not represent my stance.  If you are true a ‘Izalite’ or Salafist your right position is to oppose and fight against film village, for that is final position of salafiyya scholars that all sort of image making, film making and music are all absolute Haram, o…

The Insider (3): On The Madinan Affairs - Attacking The Prophet (S.A.W)’s Mosque

The Friday Sermon (2) By: Salim I. Hassan July, 2016 In the name of Allah the Merciful, The Compassionate: Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Noble Messenger (Muhammad S.A.W): This is indeed an attack on Islam. By this evil attack, they have undoubtedly declared war on Allah, and He will deal with them accordingly. Their evil creed has nothing to do with humanity, let alone Islam. If the prophet (s.a.w) was still alive he would have them all executed. With deep sadness, agony and sorrow came to every believer, the story of the wicked terrorist group targeting the Prophet’s (s.a.w) mosque. To emphasize it, the Prophet’s (s.a.w.) mosque was one of three locations in Saudi Arabia targeted by terrorists on the same day. Still there has been no official revelation of the identity of the terrorist group perpetrated the attack by Saudis government. Only that we were told that one of the suicide bombers was of Pakistani origin residing in Saudia. But in today’s update, the Saudi Interior Min…