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The Insider(11)- Nigeria: A Sceptical Democracy!

By Salim I. Hassan (2011)
“….Note: Written in 2011 but still relevant; however with little improvement in Nigerian situation analysis especially via harnessing the power of the masses to impose their popular votes in last National Election. …….”
Nigeria is on the top list countries that are skeptically democratic – a pseudo-democracy nation. Generally, democracy, wherever one finds it is bad, but a little good in exceptional cases. The degree of its goodness or badness is based on the level of leaders’ justice, patriotism and humanitarianism. Basing our argument on this logic, and by looking at western developed countries, we can see that democracy is thriving and auguring well for the people. However, this does not mean that people’s rights, freedoms, and wills are not curtailed or violated by Western governments.

But, democracy in Nigeria has become a mean of peaceful clampdown upon the peoples’ right, will, and freedom. Although democracy claims itself as a government representing t…