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ARE WE ALL CORRUPT Before going straight to the point let us have a little glimpse of the word “Integrity” the meaning of which is what I termed as Wholeness and Honesty and Ethical uprightness. Each single meaning feeds the other. As a matter of fact not all of us can be complete (full option) leaders but we can aspire to be and only few can truly be. If we aspire to be complete leaders, we have to be trusted; and trust comes from being seen to be Trustworthy. A clear example is the Great Prophet (S.A.W) as he was trusted by the Quraysh infidels long before he was made Prophet. Why? It is because in all his dealings he is being seen to be trustworthy, as such they trusted him. ASPIRE! Why integrity is important and how to pursue it, both personally and more widely in the community. Most Nigerians’ attitude proved to the fact that we are only Trustworthy if we are not opportune. This also means that if we feel as being trustworthy let’s wait until when we are opportune. A big test …