ARE WE ALL CORRUPT Before going straight to the point let us have a little glimpse of the word “Integrity” the meaning of which is what I termed as Wholeness and Honesty and Ethical uprightness. Each single meaning feeds the other. As a matter of fact not all of us can be complete (full option) leaders but we can aspire to be and only few can truly be. If we aspire to be complete leaders, we have to be trusted; and trust comes from being seen to be Trustworthy. A clear example is the Great Prophet (S.A.W) as he was trusted by the Quraysh infidels long before he was made Prophet. Why? It is because in all his dealings he is being seen to be trustworthy, as such they trusted him. ASPIRE! Why integrity is important and how to pursue it, both personally and more widely in the community. Most Nigerians’ attitude proved to the fact that we are only Trustworthy if we are not opportune. This also means that if we feel as being trustworthy let’s wait until when we are opportune. A big test hardly to stand! Unparallel to Integrity is Corruption, a long aged management sickness that has hither to, plaguing Nigeria. Corruption is the abuse of public to enrich or give unfair advantages to individuals, their family or their friends. for anyone allow corruption to flourish he is not selfish, he is criminal who committed treason against our fellow citizens of Nigeria. Consider to next time you are asked to pay a bribe, or tempted to ask for one. Fight against you evil self! Act of corruption is different in different cultures. But synthesize it all, we can say that paying someone to disadvantage someone else unfairly is unacceptable in any culture. The worst part of corruption taking place in Nigeria is when someone tries to benefit personally by deviating funds away from projects that ensure the livelihoods and safety of all citizens, especially the poorest, such as social grants, education, hospitals, roads, electricity, water and ensuring security of everyone. Therefore, lack of INTEGRITY have huge costs. You should not think of your own self being free from corruption. Many people have thought the same but the story had sad ending. Habit of corruption is due to our human weaknesses which Islam (and any moral culture) wants us dissuade ourselves from it. All humans tends to fall prey to the below weaknesses: Love of money, need for power, love of status, sex, need for affiliation, inability to take criticism e.t.c. We therefore all need to adopt some certain habits to protect us or at least control our weaknesses; and they include: Honesty, Humility, Accountability, obedience to law and orders, a lifetime discipline. I regret the act of brutai (if established), and I cannot sanctify my own self but to seek guidance and adherence from Allah, The Most High. I trust PMB as always view the sign in him, of being trustworthy, at least in his political morality. I live the rest to God. Don’t forget that to fight corruption is to start from your own self. And in fact it is a collective responsibility in its wider sense. Written from ISLAMOCRACY

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