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The Insider(11)- Nigeria: A Sceptical Democracy!

Salim I. Hassan (2011)

“….Note: Written in 2011 but still relevant; however with little improvement in Nigerian situation analysis especially via harnessing the power of the masses to impose their popular votes in last National Election. …….”
Nigeria is on the top list countries that are skeptically democratic – a pseudo-democracy nation. Generally, democracy, wherever one finds it is bad, but a little good in exceptional cases. The degree of its goodness or badness is based on the level of leaders’ justice, patriotism and humanitarianism. Basing our argument on this logic, and by looking at western developed countries, we can see that democracy is thriving and auguring well for the people. However, this does not mean that people’s rights, freedoms, and wills are not curtailed or violated by Western governments.

But, democracy in Nigeria has become a mean of peaceful clampdown upon the peoples’ right, will, and freedom. Although democracy claims itself as a government representing the will of all, or a majority of the people, yet it fails to make this a reality in Nigeria. It is a true reality that people’s rights, freedom, and interests are not safeguarded by the elected leaders, but only the interests and wills of the elites. Thus, the notion: “Democracy is a freedom for people to choose their ‘tyrants’” has become a typical reality in Nigeria.

What is the reality of democracy in practice in Nigeria? Our political system is tightly controlled by the elites: that those with money manipulate the system to their advantages. The masses are simply used as nonsensical voters which serve as legitimate ‘ticket’ by those elites to access Nigerian ‘sweet’ crude oil. Even if when the leader is elected from among the ‘lower class citizens’ (poor) the elites will brainwash and compel him into serving their interests in which he may also has a huge share. Now multinational aspirants (among the elites) at various levels, manipulate the system so that their interests are protected and advanced. People are asked to choose between the same set of elites that represent elite interests, not those of the masses. This can be compared to group of rats being asked to choose between different colors of cats to rule them: black, white, red, brown or other, all of which (despite of disparities in colour) are predators, says a political analyst.

To me, I can personally  elect neither ‘A2’ nor ‘IB2’ even if they were to come out to contest; for they would just come out ravenously ‘hungry’ for power so as to add up to their already illegal wealth from Nigerian ‘sweet’ crude. IB2 for instance, is very vocal in expressing his zeal to contest; nevertheless he cannot do a damn thing for the nation, supposed he was elected.  A leader that had unnecessarily failed before to transform the nation can never do it now. Perhaps he is being backed by international power. The fact that a person that had run away immediately after their tenure (only back recently to get more from ‘sweet’ crude) to live abroad while the nation is in political malaises indicates that he has no positive attitude towards the nation and its citizens. A sensible citizen will never have a confidence in such kind of man let alone of supporting him or his party into power.


Democracy again, claims that people are free to choose and elect their leaders, but only tiny minority of people do so in reality. The masses are made to believe that they are free to elect their leaders whereas in reality this has already been chosen for them by the corporate elites that control the system. From the onset of primary election, only those willing to advance the interest of the elites are being ensured victory to general election. Theoretically, political parties are open to everyone but since their operations depend on money, they must be confined and their doors restricted to the wishes and interests of the rich elites. Thus, the bad leaders are always on top; the rich continues to get richer; the poor still gets poorer; and the masses must remain as they are with their imposed illusionary belief of freedom and right which are not real in practical sense. Thus, we end up in pseudo-democracy.

Likewise, political parties are controlled in such a way as to make it impossible for just, fair and moderate people among the ordinary citizens to enter to truly represent the will and interest of the people. Even if the ruler comes from among the poor masses he will soon turn subservient to the corporate elites. This is a great challenge and has become a hard nut to crack. Moreover, such a principle is unjust and must be averted to facilitate effective political revolution by the masses. Therefore, there is need for typical party of the “lower class citizens” controlled by the masses, not by the elites. As late Aminu Kano struggled to champion the cause of the majority poor masses, there is every need to have a new ‘modern Aminu Kano’ to champion the cause of the masses, for the elites are always representing their needs and interests although their pass ‘ticket’ to power comes from the masses.

In a skeptical Democracy like this, our nation can never survive economic prosperity and political development. The ‘politics of elites’ dominates political system of Nigeria, and these elites are the causatives of Nigerian plights and predicaments. The masses can be blamed only for their failure to organize by one heart to fight for their rights. If independent party is to become constitutionally approved it will be of great opportunity to the masses in defeating ‘politics of the elites’. It is true to say some majority of people gives their heart to Gen. Buhari and regard him as the only savior of the nation, yet the national wolves among the elites would never allow this giant just man (or someone of his calibre) to get into power.


(edit: Now Buhari has got the power and in doing his best to fix the nation. But the 3rd paragraph above explained why he will continue to fail. The reality is that if a just leader is elected and refuses to serve the elites interest, they become torn in the flesh for him – those are commonly called Saboteurs by this government).

As they are simultaneously wielding this power they will never let any recognized just and rectitude giant leader to assume power for they are aware that once it happens they will perish. They will continue to wield this power illegitimately; and they will continue preserving and distributing it exclusively among their families and friends until the majority oppressed people strive energetically to fight for their right and depose the wolves from power with all strategic means.


A skeptical Democracy in Nigeria can be averted only if the interests and will of the masses are truly represented and protected. Thus, we can usher in politics of the masses’.


                                       Salimullah #Happy Independence Anniversary#


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