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The Insider(10): LUXURIOUS DAY - I’i Duka Mubarak

By Salimullah I. Hassan 
(Written in 2009)

The happiest day and the happiest night,

We remained idyllic and carefree,

We feel so wild and so good, 

Just like one day we live this world,

Let us enjoy the goodness of this life. 
On the day of id we wear on our fancies,

White, green, blues and attend to the mosques,

We pray there to one God and our Lord,

Every face shines and no one is sad,

The climax of joy all we feel.

The good says “Good Day” is every where,

Cleaving the lips with smiling and laughs,

All feel so good, joyful and pleased,

Smiling is the message of the day,

Reaching the faces of the kins and friends.

The day before that day,

The night is so breezy,

Its quietness turns to noisy day,

No one could sleep for overjoy,

Chatting and chanting is the speak overnight.

The next day to Id we all clad in fancies,

Some go to play some go to visit,

Enjoying the day, no fracas no fight,

Victuals are coming to you wherever you go,

We take in the foods, meats and drinks.

The luxurious is our happiest day,

We sing and dance we laugh all the nights,

Say thanks to God say thanks to God,

Say thanks to God the worthy to serve,

The bless of Whom we long to reach.





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