(Salimanologys Intelligence Report – June, 2016)
By: Salim I. Hassan   
written from Muslim Unity Foundation - MUF
Only Love can defeat Terrorism, asserts Harun Yahya. He further noted that “With terrorism dominating the world's agenda, the definitions of terror, terrorist, and terrorism assume a whole new importance. Many countries define terrorism, draw up terrorist profiles, and publish lists of terrorist organizations in the light of their own national interests. "Terrorist organizations" to some countries are freedom fighters to others. What one country sees as "terrorist nations," another welcomes as "loyal allies." So, don’t be disturbed if you hear or read that ISIS et’al are welcomed, supported and even financed to fight in some selective locations – Syria in focus. This is a very reason why we believe that Terrorism is being politicized.
Every form of terrorism must be unequivocally condemned—whatever its causes or aims, no matter what its targets, where it arises, or how it is carried out. Similarly, anyone sincerely opposed to terrorism should show the same empathy for the thousands of innocent victims it has slaughtered – muslims & non-muslims, Sunnis and non-sunnis – and let us forget about the sectarian differences. To repeat it again, only Love can defeat terrorism we said.

Therefore, who defines terrorism?  Who decides—and how do they decide—what a terrorist is? Who finances or sponsors it? Who are its mobilizers and recruiters? These are hard points unknowingly or deliberately missing in almost all writings and reports on terrorism.  Discourse on these hard questions will be in our next month (September) report.
Terrorist are not born; Terrorist are created.  Terrorism is by nature political; because it involves the acquisition and use of power for the purpose of forcing others to submit, or agree, to terrorist demands”. FBI authorities defined terrorism as “{a} violent act or an act dangerous to human life, in violation of the criminal laws of United States or of any state, to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social goals”. And yet they are supporting some group of militants who embark upon this heinous crime against the legitimate government of a sovereign state.
Mr. Fuller wrote in Los Angeles Times (August 24, 1998): “It is dangerous to divorce terrorism from politics, yet the U.S. media continue to talk about an abstract war against terrorism without mention of the issue or context that lies behind them”.
 What are these issues and context behind terrorism or fighting against terrorism? Think over it again. Two reasons make the impossibility of eradicating terrorism, especially in Middle East.
One, maintaining and retaining the pretext war on terrorism is US top priority in Mid East. The main reason why ISIS is invented is because Bn Laden is over and the threat of ISIS will serve as a leeway to continue extending the tentacle of their war of occupation in the Mid East.
Second, the Saudis ruling elites (though are divided) view ISIS as Sunni heroes fighting Iranian Shiite “fire” with Sunni “fire”; that a new Sunni state is taking shape at the very heart of what they regard as a heart of Iranian influence. Other Saudi elites are more fearful, and recall the history of the revolt against Abd-al Aziz by the earlier extremist Wahhabists in1920. Thus, they fear that ISIS will very soon turn against them. We can all testify to this second hypothesis considering the recent Qatif and Madina failed attack.
In fact ISIS are nobody’s friend. Before we close this chapter (1) here are few advice: one for the Saudis and the other one for the US.
Arab nations should stop following the footstep of American warmongers in their  policy in Mid East; for it is amounting to their complicity in destabilizing their Muslim nations. And the end the result will be a suicide destruction of all the Muslims countries.
For the US itself, I will remind them of the former Senator David Duke’s assertion: “We warned that if America sheds blood overseas, that eventually blood would be shed in our own country. I feel no satisfaction in saying that we were right”. We have already started to see everyday’s shooting and attack on American soil and hometown, something you can never thought of.    

David Duke wrote: “Any nation that bombs another naturally creates millions of angry enemies against it. America has repeatedly done that in recent times. We have taken sides in foreign conflicts, offered military assistance and weapons, and even bombed other nations. Our actions have caused the loss of many thousands of lives, including the lives of thousands of civilians. Many of the nations we bombed had never harmed a single American or acted in any way against the interests of the United States” He adds: “We warned that if America sheds blood overseas, that eventually blood would be shed in our own country. I feel no satisfaction in saying that we were right”

Enver Masud cited one American saying “. U.S foreign policy invites ‘terrorism’; to end it we must end policies that create it”

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