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The Insider (6): “Who Will Stand For The Kashmiris”

Salim I. Hassan

August, 2016

In the name of Allah the Merciful, The Compassionate: Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Noble Messenger (Muhammad S.A.W):

India is not as less brutal as Israel. Both India and Israel engaged in perpetual terrorism against a community of two nations. Kashmir has been in the same condition with Palestine.  Israel are the occupying forces in the West bank of Palestine just as India are the occupying forces in Kashmir. Both of them employ the same pattern of terrorism against the people of these two communities, majority of whom pure Muslims.

Kashmir has been a disputed territory bordering both India and Pakistan, whom they always claim control of parallel part of it. It is an area which is very beautiful, rich in natural resources and hydro power. It can be a security wall for India. It can be feeder for whole Pakistan. And it can be a direct bridge for China to connect with middle east. But unfortunately the people of this area who are true Muslims are subject to Indian brutalities, persecutions, rapes and tortures on several occasions.

In just recent 3 weeks (09-31 July, 2016) the Indian occupation troops have shot and murdered 74 Kashmiris, most of them young men and children. The new terroristic tactic of using pellet gun has resulted in rendering hundreds of youths blinded when hit by rubber-coated steel pellets. The hard question to ask is why there is typical silence by the world on this grievous crime being perpetrated against the Muslims? As usual, had a Muslim government been guilty of such crimes, there would be universal condemnation.  Kashmiris are just paying the price of being Muslims in a disputed area.

This latest systematic brutality started when on 8 july Burwan Wani, a young Kashmiri freedom fighter, was murdered in cold blood by the Indian army. Since then there has been street protest and a state of insurrection. And why not, when over 200,000 people attended the funeral of this young Muslim in spite of the official curfew.  So far the statistic of the victims as reported is:

People Tortured/Critically Injured (Including serious eye injuries): 228
Civilians Arrested: 346
Women raped by Indian troops: 90

Raping Kashmiri women has been a common despicable practice of Indian occupiers' tactics. Rape is used as an instrument of war. In 1989 uprising alone,  more than 10,000 Kashmiri women have been raped, some of them gang-raped by the unruly Hindu soldiers. The hard question is who will stand for the Kashmiris?

As committed Muslims we are asking as why India is able to go unscathed despite its long time state sponsored terrorism and crimes against the Muslim nation. This should be a moment of reflection for us. Too often, we complain that the Western world are biased and selfish in their media and human right institutions as they always ignore the suffering of Muslims and the injustice perpetrated against them all over the world. This is of course true. But what have Muslims themselves done? Some ask, what can we do? Our Leaders are lackeys and cannot do a damn thing to save Islam and its Ummah.

 So our final resort should be any possible reaction on individual level that can yield a long lasting and effectual result. Here is a simple strategy we can employ to exert pressure and instigate world action against the Indian government. We need to file a case against India in preparation to bring its rulers before the International Criminal Court (ICC). This strategy is devised by our leaders of Concerned Global Muslim Youths:

“As a first step, if everyone who reads this sends the following message to the High Commissioner of UN Human Rights Council, it would be a good start. If the UN Human Rights Council were to receive tens of thousands of messages, this would have to be included in its annual report to the General Assembly. Based on this, a case can be lodged against the Indian rulers for war crimes and crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court”.

 Attached here a sample message below that should be sent to the following email address:

We urge everyone to do it today, not wait till tomorrow. This message can be shared on your mailing list to mobilize a worldwide campaign. Here is the sample message and your are free to copy and paste and send it via your email:

The High Commissioner
UN Human Rights Council
Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Sir,

I write to seek the UN Human Rights Council’s intervention in the ongoing atrocities being perpetrated by the Indian Occupation forces against the people of Kashmir. In the three week period between July 9 to 31, at least 74 people have been shot and killed and hundreds of others including children have been injured. Most have suffered grievous physical injury to their eyes by Indian forces’ use of pellet guns. Scores of people have been blinded permanently.

India is an occupying power according to Article 42 of the 1907 Hague Regulations as well as Article 2 of the Four Geneva Conventions (1949). Further, both the UN Charter as well as the law, jus ad bellum, confirms India as a occupying power.

The State of Jammu and Kashmir remains disputed territory based on several Security Council resolutions dating back to 1948 and 1949. Its status must be decided through a UN-supervised referendum free from coercion or intimidation.

Despite its duty as an occupying power to protect the people of Kashmir, Indian occupation troops have been involved in horrendous crimes against the Kashmiri people and subjected them to collective punishment.

Please advise what steps the UN Human Rights Council has taken to protect the fundamental rights of the Kashmiri people to life, liberty and freedom? We urge the Council to undertake a fact-finding mission to Kashmir to ascertain the plight of the people.

Thank you for your attention to this most serious matter.

(Please put your name and email address here).

Share it with your friends and urge them to send it today and not tomorrow please. As a reminder, The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) says in His hadith: “Whoever is not concerned with the affairs (condition) of the Muslims is not one of them”.








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