Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)
Education Department, BUK.
Kano, Nigeria.

It is because they are not Europeans…. Nor Americans: it is because they are Muslims and their state is ruled by Islamic government in form of Islamocracy (Shari’ah Ruling System). Any act of change that will lead a Muslim country to political, scientific and technological development the West (particularly the US) perceives it as a threat to their ‘Evilization’ that presently dominated the world social order. Why Iran most not afford nuclear technology when other nations have already afforded it?. UN security council members institutionalized that only their countries can afford nuclear weapon. This means that only America, China, France, England and Russia can afford nuclear bomb. But, other nations have the right to have nuclear technology only for peaceful purpose (e.g. energy power supply such as electricity), and not to produce a nuclear bomb. But today, despite of this law, over dozen of nations have afforded nuclear weapons: Israel, India, Germany, North Korea and Canada were among them. Most of these nations have afforded it illegally and were allowed to go unscathed and officially uninvestigated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). For Israel and others alike, is illegal to obtain nuclear bomb as afar as nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty developed by IAEA is concerned, based on Article 6 of its charter. There must be a hypocrisy and injustice in the rule that only those nations (like the UN Security Council members) that have nuclear bomb could afford and retain it; while others have no right to even develop it. Disarmament policy must have been a double-faced strategy adopted by the UN Security Council. In 1970, Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was put into effect. The principal law of NPT as reads in Encarta 2009, is thus: “Under the terms of the NPT, countries without nuclear weapons agreed not to develop them, and states possessing nuclear weapons agreed to work toward disarmament. The IAEA inspects the nuclear power and research facilities of participating non-nuclear weapons states to ensure that enriched uranium and plutonium byproducts are not being diverted to nuclear weapons production”. If the rule of disarmament was founded on justice and equity it will effect the law that not only the non-nuclear nations could not obtain it but also the nuclear ones must have destroy their own nuclear bombs. Going by this unjust disarmament policy, the remote impact will mean that Muslim countries would not be allowed to obtain it. If they are objective why is that Israel allowed to afford this nuclear bomb which is against the rules of NPT but Iran is being denied its right to afford its technology only for peaceful purpose. It is Israel that bombards the UN Security Council to must suppress Iran from its Uranium enrichment. Those nations that suppress others from obtaining nuclear bombs have already stored thousands of it in their weapons stockpile. Ironically enough, America which had been the only nation that used nuclear bomb in Hiroshima – Japan (on August 6, 1945) – is now the head of disarmament policy. What a ridiculous! All what I have been trying to educate our people is why only Iran is facing harsh pressure by the UN and the world superpowers headed by America and controlled by the Jewish state of Israel? Let us examine this fact from just and fair analysis.
Israel not wants to see that a Muslim nation in the Middle East has afforded a sophisticated military technology because it perceives that as a threat to its way of terrorism against the Palestinians in particular and the Middle East in general. This is the reason why it has destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor base in 1981 and Syrian nuclear installations in 2007. Israel is not an IAEA and who give it the right to attack the nuclear activities installation of other nations like Iraq and Syria. This is a patent act of terrorism but the UN never put forward any official inquiries on Israeli terrorist state because the world superpowers and UN Security Council are the slaves of the Jews. It should be noted that Israel is among the nations whom were banned from obtaining nuclear weapons; but it has been producing thousands of such bombs illegally. However, no official investigation and sanction has put forward by the IAEA and the UN Security Council being them serving the Jewish interest. When India, Israel and other non-nuclear nations are developing nuclear technology they had never faced pressures of investigation by the IAEA or sanctions by the UN Security Council. But, Iran is now facing harsh pressure and incoming sanctions from UN Security Council motivated by Israel – the most illegal stockpile of WMD including nuclear bomb. Iran’s nuclear sites were thoroughly inspected by IAEA officials and were all confirmed for peaceful purpose and fulfilled the rules required for the legal nuclear activities. Iran has scores significant points in its ‘diplomatic debate’ with the world power in this case. It was able to present a new proposed bill on nuclear disarmament to IAEA and was approved well. According to IRIB as written by Ebrahimi: “the IAEA approved a resolution to ban attacks on nuclear installations as a necessity”. Thus, the Israeli ongoing plan to attack Iranian nuclear installation was eschewed. The approved bill also suggested that: the usurper state of Israel to stop its nuclear proliferation and abide by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and as the first step bring their arsenals and nuclear installations under IAEA supervision. However, notwithstanding the international will, the representative of the Zionist regime at the agency announced unashamedly that it will not cooperate with the UN nuclear watchdog as per the ratified resolution”.
The controversy is not whether Iran is having nuclear bomb (the world knows that Iran hasn’t it at all) but whether it is having a programme that could use to make this bomb in the next 5-10 years. In all cases the IAEA’s report about Iranian nuclear activities is ‘peaceful and right’. But UN Security Council (presumably with the exception of China & Russia) appeared to rule out IAEA’s report and preparing to invade Iran. But, recently alternative decision suggests harsher economic sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programmes in preference to military invasion (New York Times September 28, 2009). The truth is that IAEA is no longer respectful in the eyes of the UN Security Council as are ready to ignore its decision about Iran. Ali Asghar, Iran’s envoy to IAEA has told press TV that: “IAEA Chief Mohammad al-Baradei says in paragraph 26, Iran has cooperated with the agency, improving the safeguard measures at the Fuel Enrichment Plant at Natanz”. Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Dr. Saeed Jalili declares in retorting to West’s opposition saying: “Why do they express concern towards Iran's legal nuclear activities while they do not raise a smallest question on the nuclear arsenal of the Zionist entity? Who has given nuclear weapons to Israel?” Whether military invasion or economic sanction is to be set against Iran we should know the real motivator behind this evil is Israel. As documented in Telegraph UK Newspaper dated Sept 27, 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke, via telephone, to Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, emphasizing that: “Action must be taken in all areas to increase pressure on Iran and impose crippling sanctions on it," he said, according to the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz ‘If not now, then when?”. Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman made a call upon the UN that “the mad regime of Tehran” must be overthrown (Ibid). Chief of staff of the Israeli army, Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi has stated that Ahmadinejad had "to know that he can end his days like Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi" (ibid). Follow the link to read in full (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/6237299/Israel-urges-West-to-stand-firm-against-Iran.html).
When Iran has publicly declared its peaceful nuclear activities and allowed IAEA for inspection, and signed treaty of nuclear non-proliferation and fulfilled the rules of Article 6 of IAEA charter, Israel has been allowed to do all this unchecked at its nuclear weapons factory at Dimona in the Negev, and without signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Despite of all these violation and non-cooperation by Israel it is Iran that is going to be punish or even attack in spite of its cooperation with international laws and IAEA’s rules and regulations. In fact, according to IAEA’s report, Iran has been much more cooperative and obedient to all IAEA’s laws governing nuclear activities for peaceful usage. But, Obama has made a big lie when he says: “Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow”. According to IAEA’s investigation on Iran’s nuclear sites, Obama’s statement is a sheer and patent lie; it is Israel, India and North Korea, who are having hundreds or thousands of nuclear bombs, that break the rules that all nations must follow but the UN Security Council could not attack or even punish these belligerent nations because they are among the parties of non-Muslim nations whom they consider as single unbelievers community opposing the community of Muslim believers. But, Iran as a pure Muslim and Islamic nation that has been very cooperative with the rules of nuclear activities and never attempt to afford WMD in violation to IAEA’s rule was considered defiant and mad nation worthy of destruction under Israeli motives. It is now clear that any policy of disarmament or Nuclear non- proliferation is aimed to disarm only Muslim countries. The case of Pakistan (only Muslim state having nuclear bomb) is different; this possibility has come to it at an inevitable stage unable to suppress even by the world powers.

Why only Iran? It has no any kind of nuclear bomb. But why not Israel? It has many more stockpiles of nuclear bombs. The double standard is self-evident in Western International laws and policies. It is just as what David Duke mentioned: “America does not really oppose biological and chemical weapons or their use, all the Federal Government really cares about is which side uses them”. Why America is going to attack Iran for the same thing that other dozen of nations do. Suppose that Iran obtained nuclear bomb, then it is not that same Iran to be destroyed first but Israel.
Finally, let us stand up for Iran; its development is ours and will pave the way for further resurrection of Islamic political power and social order. When it comes to this issue religious sectarianism must have been irrelevant. We are all Muslims from the base. Let us reawaken our Sunni Muslim countries to follow the foot of Iran on political bases so as to escape from American imperialism and Western political hegemony as did Iran achieved. I can see that the moon of modern Islamic civilization glistering from Tehran horizon to South East Asia. Stand up with me for Iran once again for they are representing the general Ummah against the Western Kuffar. MAY GOD RESTORE OUR PAST GLORY AND PRESTIGE.

Submitted by Salimullah

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