SALIM I. HASSAN (Salimullah)

I must confess that this nation – Saudia – would not be considered as the true Islamic State ruled absolutely by Shari’ah. But we are indeed aware that it is the historical base of Islam and it is still have its glory in that regard. And yet it is only respectable and honourary for that divine honour, sanctity, and nobility. The rulers there are no longer the true representative of Islam and Muslims worldwide. Under the pretext of Sunnah Da’awah they fuel the tension of sectarian conflicts among the Muslim religious sects just to distract our mind from Western challenges ahead of us in order not to rebel against our external enemies in the West whom they recognize as their lords. They are not serving the cause of Islam sincerely in all its revolutionary nature. They are the most obedient nation to the U.S Villain power and they fear them more than they fear their God – Allah. They regard the U.S power as their protector and benefactor, and forgot the blessings and promises of God for them once they uphold His verities and laws. That is why they usually employ U.S troops into the holy land in order to protect their kingdom and defend it from the challenges of the true believers like Usama bn Laden and his alike. The rulers of Saudia must not be the leaders of Islam and the Muslims worldwide. Being influenced by the imposition of U.S will and interest, Saudis and their employed Islamic scholars, they wanted us to practice Islam in a paralyzed and lopsided manner. From all their ‘Fatwas’ one can perceive that they mean that we should only direct our obedience to Allah in form of ritual acts of worship like prayer, fasting e.t.c. But all political obedience should be directed to the alleged sovereignty of Western villain power. This fact portrays some kind of ‘Political Shirk’. By abiding to this policy, they give to U.S what is worth to God alone (i.e. Sovereignty). We ought to know that it is not only when one pray or sacrifice to other than Allah that he commit ‘Shirk’; in whatever we are doing – being it social, political or economic life – we can commit another type of ‘Shirk’.
The nature of such leaders can be easily identified as un-Islamic. They don’t want any scholar in their nation to preach the revolutionary message of Islam. And as a result they usually expel such scholars from their hometown. They serve to protect and defend their Kingdom most than Islam. They are against any ‘Mujahid’ to suit the interest of their Western lord – the U.S villain power. The presence of the U.S troops in the holy land is the most grave mistake and sin ever committed by the Muslim leaders. Usama and many other true Muslims are against this fact as a result of which he was finally expelled from his hometown. And persecution and expulsion is the nature of any true Muslim who proclaims the word of revolution (there is no sovereignty but to God) amidst the ‘kuffar’ and hypocrites.
Historically, when the prophet – peace be upon him – proclaim this word of revolution amidst the ‘kuffar’ of Makkah, they immediately turned against him until they forced him to migrate with the order from God. Even on their way to migrate they were not saved as they had been traced and hunted out by these ‘kuffar’. This is exactly the same thing happening to all true Muslims especially those who uphold Jihad to defend the honour Islam and Muslims worldwide. Most of them are confronted with persecution, restriction, and victimization from both their external enemies from the West and their state’s secular government; some are living in exile; while others are still being hunted out to be killed. Take Usama for instance, the commander of the global Jihad against the military aggression of the U.S villain ‘Kuffar’, was formerly expelled from his beloved hometown which he wishes not. Some people have been deluded into believing that he was a terrorist through the Western media purveys of propaganda. But absolutely, Saudis expelled this noble man just for he upholds the truth of the message of Islam and i.e. revolution against any internal and external power than that of Allah. In this regard, Saudis have deceived and cheated this great man just to suit the interest of U.S villain power. In his words, Usama is saying; “The love of Hijaz (Makkah & Madinah) is deep in my heart but the rulers there are wolf. In Afghanistan, I have a home and companions, and from Allah comes a door for sustenance”.
So then what of Saudis relation with the U.S power? These leaders regard the U.S as their protector and benefactor. The worst enemies of Islam whom the Saudis accommodate in the holy land have been killing thousands number of innocent Muslims all over the world; and that is nothing in the eyes of the useless nations – I mean the United Nation. Unfortunately, no any of the Muslim countries dare to avenge or even try to take precaution. Is that means no defender and saviour for Islam and the Muslims? Those who confess to undertake this mission are the so called terrorists in the pretext policy of the U.S villain power. The U.S villain power don’t like such people and declare war on terrorist against them despite they are not in absolute truth. Hence, the hypocrite Muslims and leaders followed the same foot. They have been enforced by their perpetrators to cut off from the Mujahidun who stands only for Allah, by Allah, and with Allah. I must declare here that had the Muslim leaders on power gives support hundred percent to the Mujahidun we would have solve most of our problems of the U.S political domination and indirect colonial rule. Whose fault is all these? I can answer, the Saudis. As the leaders of the great home of Islam, they fail to unite Muslims under the single banner of Islam and at the same time selling out our religion to the West. The innocent Muslims have been killing in thousands by the American but that is nothing and the Saudis have no will to response even with a word; but when the Mujahidun reacted with killing one, or two, 5, or 10 Americans or Jews it is by then a terrorist act. Whose fault is this? The Saudis. Americans and Israelis are still killing thousand numbers of innocent Muslims; and despite all this, it is neither a terrorist act nor genocide. But the reaction of the Muslims is termed terrorism. In other word, the American military aggression against the Muslims worldwide is not terrorism but the reaction of the Mujahidun is by then, terrorism. What an injustice! Unfortunately, the Saudis and other hypocrite Muslim leaders have submitted wholeheartedly to the U.S policy of fighting the Muslims under a pretext of fighting terrorism.
So, what terrorism or terrorist entails in Western covert perspective? If that it means a military preparation or aggression against other countries, so the Americans and the Israelis must be at the top list. And if that it means an illegal act of killing innocent people, also in this regard Americans and the Israelis must be a kind of super-terrorists ever evolved among the mankind. Let us now clarify the Western covert meaning of these words; Terrorism or terrorist perhaps the Saudis and their like may take heed of admonition of God. Clearly, the American policy of war on terrorism is implicitly directed against Islam and the Muslims worldwide. We know this from the evil attitude of Western writers, politicians, and their leaders as well. Whenever one hears the West mentioning terrorism they refer to Islam while terrorist is referred to Muslim. Therefore, any Muslim who supports the American war on terrorism as they pretend in fact he supports the enemies of Allah against his religion – Islam. The following account will make all things true and clear to all true Muslims and the hypocrites.
Reverend Franklin Graham had once described Islam as terrorism when he says “Islam is a very evil and wicked religion”. Pat Robertson also says that “…To think of Islam is peaceful religion is fraudulent”. He further called the Prophet Muhammad – Peace be upon Him – “an absolute wild-eyed fanatic…. a robber and brigand…. a killer”. Reverend Jerry Falwell has directly described prophet – peace be upon Him – as “Terrorist” (Washington Post Oct. 06, 2002). Could the Muslim hypocrite leaders still believe the American policy is a war on terrorism? But to us we have already known this war is on Islam and the Muslims worldwide. Indeed, Beyond the truth is misguidance. Such Western criticism against Islam and our noble Prophet do not stop there. Daniel Pipes, the most evil American writer against Islam and the Prophet, has published in one of his articles titled “Jihad and Professors” that “Jihad was not abstract obligation through centuries, but a key aspect of Muslim life. According to one calculation Muhammad himself engaged in 78 battles, of which just one (the battle of ditch) was defensive”. Likewise, in his “Jihad through History” he writes “during his years in power, the prophet engaged in an average of nine military campaigns a year, one every five or six weeks. Thus did Jihad help define Islam from its dawn. Conquering and humiliating non-Muslims was a manifestation of the prophet’s Jihad”. Such was the attitude of the Western enemies of Islam. Hence, it is clear now that the American policy of war on terrorism is a typical prevarication and pretense. So may one ask who among the true Muslims could dare to insist that the American war on Taliban and other Mujahidun is right and legitimate? Only those who are hypocrite Muslims. Now, the truth is clear. The West have already described Islam as Terrorism and even called the prophet a terrorist. Hence, their war on terrorism against Taliban, Alqaeda, and other Mujahidun is an absolutely war on Islam and the Muslims worldwide. It appears to us now those hypocrite Muslims are just backing the American villain power to crush Islam and Muslims. From all what we have been scrutinizing, the important point to note is why the Saudis in particular and some other Muslim nations in general still depend on U.S villain power and pays unconditional support and allegiance to the Americans. Why are they accusing the Mujahidun just to suit the interest of the U.S.? Why are they still siding with the enemies of Islam against the Mujahidun?
So then, what is the contemporary position of Jihad in our modern time? The validity of Jihad is still as new as it is during the prophet era. Those leaders their employed scholars should know that there is no separation between Islam and Jihad. No one can accuse Jihad in any respect but the hypocrite. The leadership of those Mujahidun is more respectable and honourable in our eyes than theirs. While the former serves the cause of Islam the later serves to protect his kingdom. If they fail to undertake the mission of Islamic Jihad the Mujahidun confess to do so; and why are they accusing them? Only the hypocrites accuse Jihad; only the hypocrites dislike it; and only the hypocrites recognize the sovereignty of the enemies of Islam.
The authority of Jihad is inherent in Islam as enunciated in the Qur’an and Sunnah. And no one – a leader or a scholar – can invalidate the legality of contemporary Jihad in Islam. We ought to know that what those people abhor and blame is a religious duty prescribed by God for the Muslims. The Muslims have to initiate Jihad against injustice, corruption and tyranny, as well as when they have been transgressed by their enemies. Jihad is a religious obligation (Baqara\Q2:216 & 190). In a Qur’an passage Allah has accused those who abandon Jihad and described them as apostates (Ma’idah\Q5:54). Allah praises the acts of the Mujahidun (Taubah\Q9:111). Allah commands the Muslims to be threatening their enemies especially those closer to them, so as not let them penetrate their lands (Taubah\Q9:123). And the prophet – peace be upon Him – was reported to have said “whoever gives up Jihad surely they will be humiliated”. Therefore, according to this Hadith, our only glory, honour and respect is the presence of such few Mujahidun. Islamic power is almost eradicated if not of this Mujahidun. This is truth we speak. Back to Qur’an again we can see that a true believer is who shows mercy, kind, and compassion to his fellow Muslim believers but they are harsh and stern against the unbelievers (Fath\Q42:29, Ma’idah\Q5:54). A true believer is who usually becomes anxious and worried when his fellow believer is exposed to victim of war, genocide, and or terrorism of the enemies. But, unfortunately, nowadays the opposite is true. Some lopsided Muslims become worry only the Americans, Europeans, and Jewish unbelievers are touched by the Mujahidun. You can hear them throughout the media accusing and cursing the Mujahidun saying “some group of Muslims are deviating from Islamic principles by perpetrating terrorism on innocent people and surely this is not an Islamic Jihad; they are just violating the laws of Islam”. This is what they lopsided Muslims usually say out of their wishful desires. But, you cannot hear them challenging, questioning and demanding the Americans and Israel illegitimate regime about the numerous killings of innocent Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine as if to them this is nothing. But when the Mujahidun retaliate is then become a war crime even in the eyes of those lopsided Muslims. At this juncture it is necessary to appreciate the works of those Mujahidun especially the Alqaedas and Taliban.
Alqaeda’s military policy against the enemies of Islam in nay category should not be condemned, rejected or even be criticized. This people represent the practical side of Islamic Jihad which is a religious obligation upon the Muslims at all ages and spaces. Without it (Jihad) the whole Muslims would have fallen into sin for they abandon Jihad. The justified Jihad throughout the History of Islam is a Defensive Jihad and Jihad against injustice, corruption, falsehood, and tyranny. Unfortunately, the later form of Jihad cannot be carried out by the Muslims because they have been politically, economically and militarily subjugated by their enemies – the Western Kuffar. So, this Jihad is religious injunction to be maintained and retained by the Muslims at all the times. It is generally believed that nowadays only Alqaedas, Talibans and other Mujahidun groups to maintain this religious injunction of Jihad and despite of all this fact, they are still being accused and condemned not only by the enemies of Islam but also by those lopsided Muslim leaders and their employed scholars. Supposed that there have been no such Jihadist organizations the American-Israel evil policy of war on the Muslims would be much more successful than as it is now. Hence instead of condemnation, we should praise and appreciate the activities of all the Mujahidun as it has been the substantial threat to the American-Israel war on Islam and the Muslims worldwide.
An intelligent person would also ask if that the Alqaedas, Talibans, and other Mujahidun group should not be backed by the Muslims because they are perpetrating terrorism not Jihad so then what of Palestinians and Hamas cause who now carrying out the most typical defensive Jihad? However, they are not being assisted both financially and militarily by the Arab countries and other Muslim nations. This habit of some Muslims countries portrays their cowardice of the Jews and the American power and to some extent indicates to us very clearly their unconditional obedience to the West. On 29/7/2006 Muslim Brothers posted on their official website expressing their concern and worry about the negative attitude of most of the Arab Muslim countries as thus:

“Conflict between truth and falsehood, justice and injustice, freedom and tyranny is continuous, Allah, the Almighty, says: " And did not Allah check one set of people by means of another, the earth would indeed be full of mischief: but Allah is full of Bounty to all the worlds." SURAH 2: AL BAQARAH (The Heifer) (251). Allah doesn’t treat with injustice and also forbad any one to treat with injustice. Allah ordained the humans to be just; He allows who is treated with injustice to resist protecting his religion, country, money, and honor as well as himself. That’s why Allah’s religion, the nation’s conventions, and the human laws permit all the people, whatever their creeds, countries, ideologies, or nationalities are, to resist the occupiers who usurp their land, exploit the wealth, and humiliate the people. When other nations have the right to resist, Muslims also have a stronger right to face and resist, because Islam doesn’t accept any thing for the Muslims but strength and honor, Allah says: "But honor belongs to Allah and His Messenger, and to the Believers" SURAH 63: AL MUNAFIQUN (The Hypocrites) (8), that’s why the scholars decided that whenever the enemies invade the Muslims" land, Jihad will be individual obligation on all the Muslims, males and females- without waiting for permission from any body- to face the enemy and expel it, in case of their incapacity to resist, it is a must on their neighbor Muslim countries to help and support them to get rid of the occupiers. The Zionists have a settlement and racism project aiming at emptying the country from its people through killing, expelling, devastating the infrastructure, bringing over the Jews from all over the world to settle in the Muslim countries and usurp the sacred places to demolish them and then establish the temple, to gradually expand till dominating from the Nile to the Euphrates, controlling the whole territory, and humiliate the people using them as cheap manpower and consumers of the enemy’s products. So the Muslims are obliged to resist in any way available for them, because the Muslim lands can’t be sectioned,………. When the Zionists occupied Lebanon, the Lebanese resisted till the formation of Hezbollah, which launched a severe and strong resistance and made the enemy withdraw from the south in 2000, the Zionists came again to demolish Lebanon and occupy a part from the south aiming at disarming Hezbollah, But Hezbollah resist strongly causing the Zionists great damages, despite the inequality of powers and weapons. Now we hear a controversy about the Shiites and Sunnis; "Hezbollah is Shiite and should not be backed!" This is just a trial to justify the atrocities of the Zionists. These controversies are the worst to be heard in these hard times. We will set our attitude towards the Shiites before answering these allegations. Our attitude is quite clear: we consider the Ja’fari Shiites one of the Muslim factions; they are conforming to us in creed, worship, and morals. They represent the majority of the Shiites in the world. Of course we have some difference in opinions and historical positions, but this doesn’t imply that they are not Muslims. In the 1940s al- Banna participated in an attempt to bring the Islamic factions closer together, which resulted in the recognition of the Ja’fari Shiites and teaching its methodology in al- Azhar and having a good relation between al- Azhar and the Shiite scholars. Is Hezbollah not Muslims? Isn’t it an Arab? Doesn’t it resist the occupiers? Their battle is ours to free and restore the Muslim and Arab lands and prisoners. When a war is launched between the Shiites and the Zionists, we certainly must be siding with the Shiites. For example, the first Muslims were sad because of the defeat of the people of the book by the pagans, so the Qur’an relieved their sadness stating: "2. The Romans have been defeated ‏3. In the nearer land, and they, after their defeat will be victorious‏ 4. Within ten years Allah’s is the command in the former case and in the latter and in that day believers will rejoice‏" Surah 30. Ar-Rum. If this Fatwa is due to Hezbollah being Shiite, do Hamas, al Jihad, al Aqsa brigades and other Palestinian platoons are Shiites? What is the situation of the Arab regimes toward them? Have they not let them armless facing the strongest military equipments that are used to kill them and destroy houses on the residents, In addition to detaining ten of thousands including their sons, girls, ministers and representatives? What are the Arab leaders doing? Have they not participated in the campaign of siege that USA and Zionistic entity imposed in order to overthrow Hamas" government in spite of being the outcome of democratic elections? They speak about the Iranian influence; I wonder about the Arab effect though the Arabs number and possibilities surpass that of Iran, who let the region for the Iranian extension to widen more? Do they have a situation toward Zionist and American influence which dominates all things in the region and try to create new Middle East carries out their orders, defenses their interests, and abandons its ideological, cultural and social characteristics and adopts Western manners? What did the Arab regimes present for the Palestinian issue except condemnations and negotiations that Israel cast into waste bin even before reading it? Finally, after years of people and self deception, the Arab League Secretary General declared that the peace process has died. So what will you do? All the resistance is considered an honour for the Ummah and an evident to its survival, and will not ever die or vanish till we restore our rights, Allah says in Surah 29, Al-Ankabut. Ayah: 69." As for those who strive in Us, We surely guide them to Our paths, for verily Allah is with the good.‏" If the regimes cannot really resist along with their people, they shouldn’t be siding with the enemy, because the enemy doesn’t accept us but as subordinates. The Sunna and the prophet don’t accept these Fatwas and situations; the Qur’an says: "190- Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you" SURAH 2: AL BAQARAH (The Heifer) and says: "If then any one transgresses the prohibition against you, transgress ye likewise against him" SURAH 2: AL BAQARAH (The Heifer) (194) and the prophet (PBUH) said " the Muslim is a brother to other Muslims, he shouldn’t treat any one of them with unjust…" and said "whoever gives up Jihad surely they will be humiliated." Our duty is to support our fellow Muslims both in kind and cash, with invocation, good feelings, promotion of the issue, and trying to change the regimes to protect the kids, women, and the aging who are killed, the countries that are demolished, to release the prisoners who are humiliated in prisons, all these are just an attempt to free the land and restore the sacred land. May Allah strengthen the Mujahideen and make them victorious, and humiliate the unjust criminals and their supporters”.
Moreover, an intelligent person would also ask as why the Muslim world in general still participates in the United Nations – or Useless Nations if you like – despite of their covert and overt enmity and injustice against the Muslims worldwide. Why not to establish their Islamic United Nations to serve their Islam and Muslims worldwide. Whose fault is all this? You can answer the Saudis. The Americans still wages war on Islam by attacking the Muslim lands one after the other under the guise of fighting against terrorists and terrorism. The implicit political context of this word (‘terrorists’ or ‘terrorism’) connotes Muslims and Islam in general. And The Saudis know the reality of this fact but still obey the U.S villain power and accept unconditionally any instructions and orders given to them. An intelligent person would ask again – are the Saudis think of that God cannot do what the U.S can do for them? Or do they recognize the U.S power as their protector and benefactor besides Allah? Why do they love the Americans more than their fellow Muslim brothers in the sense that they are ready to criticize and persecute any Muslim that stands against the West just to suit the interest of the American villain power?
Finally, here are some reminders from the Qur’an if they should dare to take admonition:

“Oh you who believed, do not take certain Jews and Christians as friends (or protectors); they are allies of one another; those who among you who ally themselves with them (Jews & Christians) are belong with them; verily Allah never guide the transgressors” (Maidah:51).

“…And if you fear poverty soon Allah will enrich you out of His bounty” (Taubah:28).

“…Are you afraid of them (don’t be afraid) for Allah is He who deserved to fear” (Taubah:13).

“For this is the reminder; let whoso will to remind (himself)” (80:11-12).

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