The Insider(13): My Best Man of The Year (2016)

Salim I. Hassan
To me, being me a man of full freedom of choice and expression, without a slight intent to appease or annoy anyone, ain’t comprising anyone’s view, my Best Man Award of the 2016 year is not as you pick it. It cannot be, and never be, the way you thought it. Though I have lovers and loved ones, haters and hated ones, followers and followed ones, parents, wives and sons……I have intellectuals, writers, ideologues, leaders and scholars who deserve my award for one reason or the other, I can humbly ask them to take their eyes from it, bypassing them and taking it to the person in the right place and in the right time.
If I so wish I can give it to some of my critics who are able to change any of my worldview with the power of proof and logic (a hard thing to get), for whimsical, frivolous, wishful and baseless points can never work in me. All previous attempts to siphon one have failed.
May Allah bless my parent for bringing me up and safeguarding my person from childhood to adulthood despite stress, anxiety and ups and downs of life. They lead my person in life and all of my successes are by-product of their relentless effort. Thank you Mum and Dad, for you placed me in the right way of life, Islam the best ever choice of religion you can make. Oh My Parents! Permit me to eschew this award from you only for this time alone.  
 To my wife, thank you and may Allah bless as you keep on showering me with your unlimited truly sincere love, care, obedience and compassion. May Allah bless you again for she married me when I was in abject destitute and in spite of many of her proposing tycoons. Oh My Wife! Permit me to eschew this Award from you only for this time alone, though you deserve it more than 100%. 
To all my friends, those that have offered and still offering goodness to me, many of which I cannot forget. Let me take it away from you. I am still with you, appreciating your kindness and extra care in my relation with you, taking none of you a pariah.  
My this year Award, I need to take it to someone that I can put my credence in him, to save me, to save my people, religion, nation, country, from the precipice of perish, destruction and annihilation, noting God is the first and final Saviour.  Who that man is and what his existence meant to Nigerians?
He is him of his own word whose action is always consistent with his policy and ideology……….the one that we should put our credence in him as Buharism fails.  Although he must go by his destiny, in the parlance of empirical life discourse we can assume he wrongfully fall into the unwanted position of administration when we need one of his caliber in the nation politics and to lead the nation.
He is a vibrant ‘Mutafanni’ intellectual, a Banker, an administrator, a leader and a scholar indeed. Bilingual Speaker and writer, versatile in knowledge, an authority in Shari’ah, economy and finance.
 The one who knows how to influence, motivate and create action point among those under him and whosoever follows him. The defender and saviour of Shariah in the 1999 debate who had challenged and defeated the enemies throughout the media. He is the formidable defender of Safiya Hussein who saved her from the erratic decision of death penalty of the shari’ah court. He is that the only one whom the southerners are hitherto, vying the northerners over him…how they wish he is one of them and not of Hausa/Fulanis.
He is the only Hausa personality from the North that became the C.E.O (Chief Executive Officer) of First Bank since its establishment in 1894. He is indeed the greatest Reformer and Saviour of Banking industry in Nigeria.  He is the only Hat-trick Winner of the Best Africa Central Bank Governor of the Year” (2013 being the last).
He should be in politics, and from politics to presidency, but his destiny inscribed Kingship in his abstract life and now a visible reality in him.
The current His Royal Highness , the Emir of Kano Alh. Mal. Sunusi Lamido Sunusi, is the man, the man of his own word, and always remain unshakeable no matter the hatred, animosity and disparages. The revealer of truth is he even before the most oppressive regime. His time of emirship recalls me the era of the esteemed companions and their successors, the time when the leader was the Imam in the Muslim mosque, the one who offers sermon and preaches.  We now have someone of their caliber amidst us. He can lead and save the nation from its annihilation. His only advice if acted upon by the current regime can save the economy of the nation. How I wish him to become our President! Now if Buharism fails (and I don’t want) who next………………..My   Man is far away from you. You should better look for alternative…… Atiku, Bola tinubu, Sule Lamido, Kwankwaso or who else………

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