Salim I. Hassan
(A graduate of BUK)
Education Department

Is beyond Suspense?
It is hard to believe. It is highly suspicious. I could not help myself to indubitably believe it. The 20th day of January, 2012 around 5pm has recalled me the bad memories at Damaturu where I have heard the first bomb blast in my real life. The series of well coordinated, and yet strategically planned attacks at various targets in Kano metropolis has left everyone with critical mind in a highly questionable situation. The incidence clearly indicates the high level of government recklessness on security issue. Nigeria! A failed state? A reckless government? Or unwise leaders? The way and manner the government is tackling this threat lead me to suspect its personal interest in it. Has the government been seriously enough in tackling the menace of Boko Haram? I always ask myself.

Ask Yourself
Why is the threat growing stronger; meanwhile the national security always degenerating to weaker and weaker state? Why are these people always successful in their intended attacks without receiving a firm response from the security side? Since when they declared war on the Nation no any of their planned attacks ever averted by our security agents, (blame the government and not the security agents). Do the government authorities want us to believe that the menace of Boko Haram militants is becoming immitigable? I must not appreciate the present security system of this country. Think of the number of our National security agents: does it reach the minimum standard? Think of the habit of our security agents: are they tackling the militants (especially during their terrorist attacks) with courage and in an all-out manner? Based on my experience at Damaturu (where I witnessed the latest Xmass days attacks) and that of recent time in Kano, I have realized that our security agents are reluctant and desperate to face the militants in a possible physical combat. At the times of the attacks the government forces are fully aware of the whereabouts and the standing position of one group of the militants or another; however they could not even dare to reach out to them. They are trying to the best of their capability, to avoid any circumstances that may lead them into face-to-face clash with the militants. Nevertheless, they have their valid and legitimate reason for displaying such a defensive habit which I am going to briefly explain before closing my piece.

The Truth Never want to be heard
We have been saying this and I will say it again. With the present line-up of our security system; with the present stance of the government authorities towards the already weak security of the nation; and with the present reluctant attitude of our security agents in facing the militants in the battlefield, the menace of Boko Haram can never be mitigated let alone be curbed out. The common belief that these people are invisible is no longer a reality today. In fact, they are even more visible at the times of any of their intended attack.

Bear this in Your Mind: Terrorism wherever it exists and whatever its ulterior motive is can continue to exist only if the authorities concerned have their personal interest in its perpetuation. And I think the same is true in Nigerian case.

Occupy Boko Haram: A Master Plan
Why is our security operatives are always reluctant whenever are faced with the militants? Why are they devoid of courage to face the militants in a possible physical combat? The following reasons will suffice them to justify their desperate attitude: they don’t have more sophisticated weapons; their welfare is not properly addressed; and more importantly, if they courageously come out and face the militants, and then were killed, the future of their bereaved family is not guaranteed by the government which is more than capable of doing so. These few reasons indeed suffice them to justify why they would not fight courageously against the militants. So, assuming all what I have pictured is true, what are the alternative measures to be taken and policies to be adopted?

If the government is willing to seriously contain and eradicate this far-reaching threat it must have a number of certain drastic measures to adopt. The government must beef up the national security system all-round; and this can be done in the following ways: 1) increasing the number of security agents – the incident in Kano metropolis shows that the concurrent multiple attacks are beyond the control of the security agents as they are too scarce; 2) provision of more sophisticated weapons and advanced tracking copters – practical experiences at many incidences led many people (even the laymen) to acknowledge the fact the guns held by the militants are a little bit better than those owned by the government forces. The tracking copters if are well provided, will be used in tracing and detecting the militants and their standing positions (permanent or temporary) as they come out for their terrorist operations; 3) Provision of welfare and incentives to the security operatives – this is very important in motivating them to work fearlessly and faithfully as materialism is influential in shaping the attitude of the people towards behaving in a required manner and direction; 4) Guaranteeing the future life of their family – This is the most effective measure to motivate and empower the security operatives towards tackling the militants with courage in any possible combat. The security agents should know the status of their welfare; and they want to know that the future life of their family is fully guaranteed by the government after loss of their lives. Presently, the Nigerian system does nothing in this respect. This is a reminder to the concerned authorities.

Finally, I maintain my view that bolstering up the overall National security system – providing more advanced sophisticated weapons, upgrading the welfare of the security operatives and guaranteeing the future life of their bereaved families – will contribute with the 99% of the solution to this prevailing menace of Boko Haram. I do believe that these militants can be dealt with better in the very moment they appear to carryout their planned attacks. And the security operatives can have the motive and courage of dealing with them firmly only if the aforementioned proposed measures and policies are implemented. This is how the government can re-invigorate the security operatives towards more commitment and seriousness. That is all and all!

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