(Salimanology’s Monthly Intelligent Report)
April, 2010
By Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah)

These are the lies of the last century. The mass media has told the American people a ‘Big Lie’ about 9/11 attack, in the words of David Duke (1). From all practical experiences, the America is aiming at tarnishing Islam and to cause it politically eradicated. To make that possible there should be a reason to justify their military attack on Islamic people and their lands. Thus, 9/11 attack was officially invented to serve that purpose, and also to serve their long term aim of oil economic exploitation in the Mid East. I hither to, challenge the world to practically prove the complicity of the Muslims in the horrific 9/11 attack. In its commission report on the attack, America tried to make separation of Islam and Islamic terrorism to justify their attack when the latter (Islamic terrorism) was never existed. This could mean it is an attack on Islam, only disguised. The main weakness of the report lies in the fact that it failed to address the issue of terrorism in a broader sense and more objective way as if only Islam is evil to be terminated. Other acts of terrorism perpetrated by some Jews and Christians were totally ignored; some were attacks on Muslims and some on Americans. Any American foreign policy (particularly in relation to Muslim world) is reflecting antagonism, enmity and hatred towards Islam. However, they always tend to cover their evil attitude with the slogans of democracy – justice, liberty, rights and freedom – an idea only but not realistic.

The same act of cover-up employed in the commission report to show that their war is on Islamic terrorism but not on Islam – for Islam is not the threat, the world great religion. This appeasement goes thus: “Islam is not the enemy. It is not synonymous with terror. Nor does Islam teach terror. America and its friends opposed pervasion of Islam, not the great world faith itself…..The enemy is an ideology that feeds intolerance, a single stream of Islam (a minority tradition), from at least Ibn Taymiyyah, through the founders of Wahhabism, through the Muslim brotherhood to Sayyid Qutb”(2). But, the practical manifestation of their war on terror negates this theoretical claim. And again, how can one insult Ibn Taymiyya, the great Islamic scholar, worker and a prolific writer, the Islamic scholar respected by mainstream Muslims, and yet claim to sanctify Islam. Obviously can’t be possible for this is an absolute contempt to Islam.

So we should first know what terrorism, Islamism, and Islamic terrorism is. Terrorism is by nature political because it involves the acquisition and use of power for the purpose of forcing others to submit, or agree, to terrorist demands”(3). In this context, America was a complicit in Alqaeda’s terrorism during Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. But why was that not considered as terrorism. In fact, America declared them ‘Freedom Fighters’ but only today ‘terrorists’. This is probably because in the former case the Alqaeda/Taliban were doing America’s Job but today they are doing Islamic one. If I were Russian I would have helped today’s Taliban in expelling the invaders as the U.S. did it against the former Soviet. FBI authorities defined terrorism as “{a} violent act or an act dangerous to human life, in violation of the criminal laws of United States or of any state, to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social goals” (4). Furthermore, Islamism is defined “as an Islamic militant, anti-democratic movement, bearing a holistic vision of Islam who final aim is the restoration of the Caliphate” (5). Islamic terrorism, as interpreted by America, is any act of attacking freedom and democracy, most often, by targeting innocent people and foreign offices. As former president Bush alluded to this meaning that these acts were born out of hatred to freedom (6). Bush must have been a victim of sentimentality for his weakness to know why America was under attack. A senior American intelligence who understands the reality writes: “…Bin Laden is out to drastically alter U.S. and Western policies toward the Islamic world, not necessarily to destroy America, much less its freedoms and liberties” (7). In American perspectives, Islamic terrorism is evil that was rooted deeply in Islamic scriptures. However, in fairer way, presumably Islamic terrorism is that act of terrorism perpetrate by Muslim activists in defence of Islam and Muslim lands. But, in reality there is nothing like Islamic terrorism for terrorism is general; everyone tends to employ it to achieve certain goals. America has done it severally in Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan (both during the Soviet invasion and today). If there does exist Islamic terrorism there must do exist Christian terrorism, Jewish Terrorism and so on. The fact that there is no mention of such expression in Western Media (despite of similar violent act by Jews and Christians) shows clearly the American nocuous and evil attitude towards Islam.

The 9/11 commission report’s bias and impartiality also emerged in some other faulty lines as aptly described by Mounzer Sleiman P.hd, a senior political-military analyst in the U.S:

“The commission report attempted to present a fair and balanced analysis of Islam. However, claiming that Islam is not synonymous with terror or that it does not teach terror, and yet still associating Islam with terrorism, lacks credibility”. (He adds that) “The commission used words like struggles and zealots when it discussed other major religions but terrorism when it discussed Islam. The word terrorism is becoming so loaded with political, religious, ideological, and cultural connotations that I completely reject the association of terrorism with Islam – be it in this report, government statements, the media or academic circle. We need to focus on judging all acts of violence by international and domestic laws as either self-defense or illegitimate” (8)

Over and again, the weakness and bias could also be seen in the deliberate omission or absence of mention of domestic terrorism – those terrorist acts perpetrate by others than Muslims. There are many more terrorist acts committed by non-muslims; however seldom were they mentioned in the media. Even if they were mentioned other terms like domestic, rioters, zealots and e.t.c. were used to describe such relevance; only if when committed by Muslim that they soon call it Islamic terrorism. I can give you example of such violent acts committed by either Christians or the Jews but not labeled as terrorism. Think of despicable act of Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph who were judiciously convicted of bombing abortion clinics culminated in killing innocents (9), but labeled Christian terrorism, even the word ‘terrorism’ was not applied in the discussion of the matter. Why a is the Jewish Defence league (JDL) not labeled a Jewish terrorist organization when on December 12, 2001 two of their men were arrested amidst of preparation to attack Muslim and Arab-American organizations in America (10). William Mettles was arrested attempting to blow up a federal courthouse with 1,500 pounds of ammonium nitrates. And many more examples could be cited not exactly a concern for Al-qaeda or any other Islamic activist group. Every reasonable person can see the gross injustice in every of American policies. Recent instance is the case of Iranian Nuclear that made the U.S to loose control and started beating the war drum. Meanwhile, Israel’s (possessing over 200 nuclear warheads) was not even mentioned in American war of nuclear disarmament. It is this kind of conspicuous injustice and bias that makes many in the world to believe America has gone crazy. Let us even assume it to be the act of some Muslim activists, in the report the U.S officials intentionally dismissed to address and identify the underlying causes of the attack, knowing fully, it was as a result of their injustice in the world, particularly their support of terrorist state of Israel against the Palestinians, and for their unnecessary interference with Muslim affairs too often, distancing them from their own system of government (Shari’ah/Islamocracy). However, Bush has made a “Big Lie” as David Duke declared, when he uttered “they attacked us because we are free” or that “because they hate freedom”. Enver Masud cited one American saying “. U.S foreign policy invites ‘terrorism’; to end it we must end policies that create it” (11). Mr. Fuller wrote in Los Angeles Times (August 24, 1998): “It is dangerous to divorce terrorism from politics, yet the U.S. media continue to talk about an abstract war against terrorism without mention of the issue or context that lie behind them”.

By the way, America abused Islam and Muslims in their impartial report despite of their inability to substantiate the claim of the Muslim complicity in the 9/11 attack. Many appear today, to believe that America has fooled the world by creating deliberate saga of 9/11 attack. Of course, Muslims are paying the price of what they are innocents of. The U.S. must be wicked and arrogant! They vowed to fight terrorism; but could they end it? they admitted to take revenge by capturing the alleged leader of the attack, Bn Laden; but today, they killed more than 500,000 innocent people without capturing Bn Laden. In fact 20 civilians have to be killed in killing one Talibanist or Al-qaedist. Even though Bn Laden was not captured, was not no it suffice as a revenge taking away the lives of hundreds thousands of Muslims (500,000-plus) for murdering only 3,000 Americans? Mounzer Sleiman (PhD) alludes to this point in reference to his American state policy of war as thus: “The desire for revenge was portrayed as a right of self-defense and a license to use our enomors military power to attack or invade any place that we felt had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks. In the course of executing our revenge, we inflicted enomors damage to property and death to innocents, and we are still looking to do more under the pretext of preventing another 9/11” (12). In an attempt to combat terrorism, the same act of terror is spread by American Washington state. In Duke’s words:
“Any nation that bombs another naturally creates millions of angry enemies against it. America has repeatedly done that in recent times. We have taken sides in foreign conflicts, offered military assistance and weapons, and even bombed other nations. Our actions have caused the loss of many thousands of lives, including the lives of thousands of civilians. Many of the nations we bombed had never harmed a single American or acted in any way against the interests the United States” He adds: “We warned that if America sheds blood overseas, that eventually blood would be shed in our own country. I feel no satisfaction in saying that we were right” (13).

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